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Trasparenze Rutilo Tights

More polka dots are hitting the blog – especially nude with black and a cute little garter band design to go with it!

Now as I bought these from eBay some time ago (I just had to as they caught my eye as I was scrolling down), I managed to get hold of another company that sells them if you wish to get yourself a pair. Deets are below…

The Spec

Colour: Black/Cosmetic

Size: Small

Denier: 20

Materials: 90% polyamide 10% elastane

Price: €17.95

Website: Tights Dept – Trasparenze – Rutilo


My Outfit

I decided to go super colourful with my outfit today wearing my bright orange shirt tucked into a skirt that I have had for over a year and still had the tags on! I paired up with my nude and black faded court shoes as I thought it would work better than just plain boring old black!

I kept my hair up and messy and just added small pearl studs 🙂

My Deets

Shirt: Mango

Skirt: ASOS

Tights: Trasparenze 

Shoes: EKS



The Review

From The Website: sheer mock style hold-up tights with a polka dot pattern and lace effect toe and thigh band. 90% polyamide 10% elastane


The Packaging: so like an idiot I forgot to take the normal images of the back and front of the packaging like I normally do. Instead as you can see below, they have the same colourful luxury look (like they normally do) with the model wearing the hosiery on the front. The back doesn’t go into much detail to be honest.

As you get in, you will find these subtly shaped to the legs and feet, which is perfect for when you want to line up right from the beginning.

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Getting Them On: getting those gloves on (cotton ones this time), I did my usual scrunch and roll from the toes, over the ankles and up the legs taking care that I don’t tug them too much.

I found these to roll on so easily and didn’t encounter any issues whatsoever. Oh and before I get into it, just note that I have done some images with natural light and some with the flash on so you can see the difference in colour.


On The Legs: these are to die for!! I just wanted to keep on taking pictures because I love them that much. I noticed during the day they did look a little pasty on the legs, but when the sun is on them, they have a subtle tan thing going on, which works for me!

The denier 20, although you might feel they are thicker when you get them on. I found these to be comfortable on the legs during the day (and yes in this horrid heat).

The quality of them are just great; although I did manage to somehow snag them but hey it’s not something that you can easily notice when the nude blends in with your leg colour. I do have to say that it stayed put without me having to hairspray it or use nail varnish to stop it from running – which I am impressed with.

The fit is just superb; there was plenty of stretch to them so they cling onto the legs nicely and the feel is just super smooth. There is not a slight bit of roughness to them from toe to waist!

The colouring is one that you will need to think about before buying; I know that this isn’t one that will suit all. They do work for mine (for the time being before I suntan away).

The design is just stunning; working with polka dots on the lower leg and as you slowly get to the thighs, you see this stunning lace band which then cuts off and becomes sheer from the top of the band to the waistband.

I love this whole concept giving it that mock holdups look!


The Toes & Ankle: so around this section I have no complaints; these have plenty of room to move your toes and with that black strip going across them, you know these will be slightly reinforced. I didn’t encounter any issues from the toes to the ankles as they sat exactly how they needed to throughout the day and no wrinkle in sight!


The Waistband & Gusset: this section here is super comfy! They fit the waist real nice and that branding across the top is just a lovely finishing touch!

The image below shows you how thick and dark the boxer brief area is – which is reinforced by the looks of it, so you know you’re set for the day in these.

These sit around my belly button which is the perfect height for me and is flush against the skin too. I didn’t come across any rolls, with the help of the scallop shaped band that is going on 🙂



My Thoughts?

I think these are super cool and whilst you can, grab a pair! I love the way they look on the legs and the quality of Trasparenze never lets you down. It’s a lovely twist of holdups if you’re too scared to wear them!

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  1. It’s such a shame that we don’t see more of you in the reviews, Soni. Similar to Legs Lavish, it’d be great to see your pretty face and learn more about you too.