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Trasparenze Rose Fashion Hold Ups

I am loving the new Trasparenze AW19 collection, and this is one piece which I adore out of all of them. I mean if I could get my hands on the whole thing, I would die a happy woman!

I normally don’t do opaques a lot, but seeing as it’s getting colder and darker, I’m switching from sheers to darker deniers that can still create an impact!

The Spec

Colour: Black

Size: 1/2 – Small/Medium

Denier: 60

Materials: 95% Polyamide, 5% Elastane

Price: £17.99

Website: UKTights – Trasparenze Rose Fashion Hold Ups

My Outfit

I played it safe today with pairing my holdups with a plain black bodycon dress and added my suede ankle strap heels. I wanted to add colour with my heels, but then switched at the last minute to create a more office-type look.

My Deets

Dress: Forever21

Holdups: Trasparenze

Heels: Essex Glam



The Review

From The Website: Rose is Trasparenze when they are at their best. Feminine and richly decorated, but subtle and demure also. The balance of these hold ups is a superb one. It really has all the charm of the most haute couture Italian fashion, with all the relaxed feeling of something you might wear each and every day. It makes these hold ups as stylish and high fashion as they are easy to pair and flexible.

* 60 denier
* Plain flat top
* Sheer floral pattern
* Opaque base
* 95% Polyamide
* 5% Elastane


The Packaging: if you haven’t come across Trasparenze packaging before, this is what it normally looks like. The front always has a great image to showcase the hosiery inside and the back is pretty plain in terms of detail and imagery. However, you do get a little window in the centre so you can see the pair inside (maybe not so much in this case).

When you get in, you will find thee holdups wrapped neatly around promotional card. This time I gotta say these are not scented like they usually are. I was pretty surprised by that, as every pair I have had in the past always oozes this lovely subtle scent.

You will also notice that the holdups are shaped to the feet and legs, so you just have to scrunch them down following the shaping and voila!


Getting Them On: I did my scrunch and roll as I mentioned in the last section, following the shaping so I can get them on neatly without fussing around with the toe section to make sure they line up properly.

I took care going over my anklets as per usual, and rolled them up to where I wanted to sit them. I always sit mine quite high up, but these are stretchy enough to sit wherever you like.


On The Legs: now depending on the lighting and how much you stretch these out, you will find that they will slightly differ in terms of denseness. In some images you will find them darker looking – giving the more ‘opaque’ look. In front of the window or side angles, you will find they look a lot lighter. So the weather and daylight does depend on how these will be looking on the legs really.

The quality of these never fail me – this is one of the reasons why I love Trasparenze. I rarely have quality issues with their items, and this pair goes to show too. I have worn them all day, and there is not one sign of any damages to the holdups. No snags, no rips, no scuff marks when I have ran past corner edges. They are always so durable and comfortable to be in all day long.

The fit of them are perfect, and as this pair is a duo size, it means you get a lot more stretch to them, where they are able to hug the legs so well. If you was to get a thicker denier pair with minimal stretch to them, they don’t hug the legs as well as you would like them to and there is a lot of gapping around the ankles and knees. Lucky for you – these fit like a glove and look amazing on the legs!

I will say be mindful as to what size you opt for, as if you are in-between sizes (say Medium-Large), I would recommend going one size up. This allows you to be able to get hat thicker denier look on the legs rather than having them fully stretched out and it becomes a lot sheerer than you may like.

The feel of them are incredible; they are so soft and really smooth to touch. You are able to feel the design stand out, but it’s not poorly done so it looks tacky or cheap. Even when you do stretch these out more than you should, it doesn’t feel grainy or rough in any way either.

The design is so elegant, and something that you can wear with anything. It’s versatile enough to pair up with dresses and skirts (both work and casual) and even with shorts (well the tights version to these would be better). It’s not too in your face as the floral pattern isn’t that bright (this depends on your skin colour here).


The Toes & Ankle: there is no mention of reinforcements around the toes on this pair, but then again with the thicker denier, you are bound to get a slight bit of it. I would always say be mindful of long/sharp nails before you get on hosiery anyways.

There is plenty of wiggle room around the toes, so they can move freely without feeling restricted. The same goes for around the foot, as they aren’t tight or feel like there is added pressure. I do love how the design works right up to the toes instead of starting half way up the foot or around the ankles. This means that you can opt for sandals or open shoes to really show it off.

Speaking of ankles, these have a lovely fitted finish.



The Bands: now the bands are damn good on the thighs, and they hold up incredibly well. But let me just point out that they do indent your legs after a day’s wear. I ended up having them on my thighs for about a good 10-15 minutes before they started to disappear. It was no biggie as I was only slipping into lounge-wear, but for those who need to change and are exposing parts where the band has been, you may want to note this down.

Apart from that, these are a great pair of bands. Not only do they have the double silicone strips at the top, the band itself is elasticated properly and does not loosen up no matter how much you tug or mess around with it. I feel the plain thick band is best with this design, as I find a lace band would have been too much and this looks visually pleasing as it is.



My Thoughts?

A real good pair in my eyes for sure. I am a little biased as I love this brand anyways, but I would certainly recommend this pair for sure. I love how great they have been and there are so many plus points to them, which makes it hard not to love them!

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  1. Very Sexy And Hot Hold Ups Stocking. I love getting ur emails. Wish more women would wear pantyhose.