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Trasparenze Priamo Tights

Oh I cannot tell you how excited I am to be in the new Trasparenze collection. Their designs are so on point this season, especially the ones with weird and wonderful patterns (like these for instance). I haven’t seen a pair like this before and let me tell you … I am so eager to get my legs into these.

The Spec

Colour: Priamo Bordo

Size: 1 – Small

Denier: 80

Materials: 91% Polyester, 9% Elastane

Price: £16.99

Website: UKTights – Trasparenze Priamo Tights

My Outfit

Red and black screams danger doesn’t it?

Well I’m doing the opposite of that with looking more laid back for work today; box-style dress paired with my PleaserUSA heels and bedhair.

My Deets

Dress: Dorothy Perkins

Tights: Trasparenze

Shoes: PleaserUSA



The Review

From The Website: Trasparenze’s ability to turn a classic into something new is astounding. Priamo is gorgeous as a herringbone or chevron pattern, but Trasparenze have joined up the two patterns by overlapping them into a diamond check pattern. This is an incredible contribution to an age old pattern and we really can’t believe that it is something we’ve never seen before.

* 80 denier
* Soft microfiber
* Fishbone pattern
* Mirrored front and back
* Fun geometric pattern
* Back panel in MAXI size
* 91% Polyester
* 9% Elastane


The Packaging: I gotta say that the packaging is once again enticing (as per usual with Trasparenze). The model wears the hosiery on the front (in a different colour to what I have) with the back going into little detail about the company, along with the sizing guide and hosiery care.

When you get in, you get that lovely light-scented smell from then as soon as you take them out the plastic packaging.

These come vertically folded so you get that subtle leg shaping to them; which I have to say makes it so much easier to do you line up when getting these on.


Getting Them On: so following those arrows were not easy with tired eyes … I got so confused at one point I had to start again. If you find the arrows are playing games with your mind, you can always use that patchwork design on the side of the leg (which acts like a side seam) to help you line up as well. I did that in the end and managed to get them pretty symmetrical on each leg.



On The Legs: oh wow is all I can say!

The quality is absolutely amazing; it’s a gorgeous thick denier which is so soft and really nice on the legs. This is a pair that glides right up the legs with no hassle at all and they’re super stretchy as well so you get a lovely clingy fit on the legs. I didn’t end up with any snags or rips today, which I am super pleased about.

The fit is spot on, and as I mentioned before these have plenty of stretch to them so you do get some play room if needed. The feel of them are so nice; you do slightly feel the chevron design but it’s not something that is raised on the top of the legs.

I will mention that these did start to become slightly sheerer on the thighs as they normally stretch out quite a bit here; so if you wanted a more block finish, then I would recommend the next size up or pair black hosiery underneath.

The design is just so different and proper eye-catching. I have had people looking at my legs all day. It’s quite dark (depending on the lighting), but wearing these in Spring on those cooler days is certainly a pair I would go for. I didn’t realise the colour would be more red than black, but I gotta say I do love it!


The Toes & Ankle: around the toes, I found they stretched out a lot but not on the verge or ripping! I can’t say these are reinforced, but due to the thicker denier they will be slightly. I can say there was no pressure added around the toes and they didn’t budge out of place during the day either.

Around the ankles, it was a lovely smooth fitted finish.


The Waistband: so the waistband was one of my favourites; very thin yet held up super well. These don’t roll over itself in any way and they do stay put throughout the day. They hardly dig into you either which I love, and they are super comfortable to be in!



My Thoughts?

I gotta say Trasparenze is killing it with their new collection; I cannot wait to get my hands on some more pairs to review!

6 thoughts on “Trasparenze Priamo Tights

  1. Good morning Soni,what a beautiful upgrade to your allready stunning legs,in these tights!
    Shine on and have a nice day gorgeous😉

    Greetz Andre😘

  2. Love reading your reviews these tights look fantastic on your legs. Great design fantastic look now these I would love having they would look terrific on know that another on my wish list.

  3. Really not too surprised that people have been looking at your legs all day 😝 They look absolutely grrrrreat 😍👌