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Trasparenze Platino Tights

Hump Day is here again!

I cannot tell you how long I have waited to get my hands on these! I finally got myself a pair after seeing it on UKTight’s ‘Featured’ page! I am absolutely loving Trasparenze’s new collection; it is like to die for! Their designs are just out of this world and statement tights are the one this year AW17!

These are a pair that just scream colour to be worn with – you can easily do black or white, no probs! But colour just emphasises the wonderful bold print they got going on!

The Spec

Colour: Multi

Size: 1 / Small

Materials: 70% polyamide, 20% polypropylene, 10% elastane

Price: £18.99

Website: Trasparenze Platino Tights


My Outfit

I went with my deep scoop neck and back body top, along with my multi-coloured scarf and my orange skater skirt. I would love to have done a brighter top, but I’ve got them in the wash at the moment, so this had to do today! Maybe yellow or green would look super cool!

I added earrings to match the scarf and then added peep toe heels with this just to emphasise the legs!

My Deets

Top: New Look

Scarf: Aldini

Skirt: River Island

Tights: Trasparenze

Shoes: off eBay




The Review

From The Website: All of Trasparenze’s new florals are innovative and original and their collection this season has seen some of the most out of the box originality this year. With Platino, that originality has only increased. The textured velvety background and the rich display of colours is unique amongst the range, with each little flower looking almost entirely original with very little in the way of repeated motifs.

* Floral design

* Woven pattern

* Opaque

* Comfort waistband


The Packaging: so if you have had Trasparenze before, you will know that their packaging is very similar to one another. It’s bold, eye catching yet quite simple in terms of what is shown on the front. The model takes up most of the room along with the brand name, and the model. The back is pretty simplistic with a small window showing you the design.



Getting Them On: okay so these are like half my leg size which means….. they’re gonna be damn good quality and fit so well! I love it when hosiery does this, and especially with them being on the thicker denier side it’s just fantastic!


So I scrunch and rolled just being careful of my anklets catching (which wasn’t the case by the way!). they roll up so good and instantly you can feel how soft they are on the inside! These are just amazing!



On The Legs: I cannot express how much I am in awe of these! They’re soft and smooth, with that delicate look to them. They hug all the curves perfectly and they just make your legs pop! One thing I do love (which I find works so well) is the whole denier contrast – you get some bits darker than others across the leg and this actually looks great with the bold pattern running  from the toes to the band.


One thing I do love about these is that they keep your legs warm; some thick denier don’t actually do that but you can certainly feel and see the quality of these shining through



The Toes: nice and thick and plenty of room. The toe section is blacked out which means open toes and peep toe shoes are welcome, and then design starts right underneath. I would like to say these are somewhat reinforced due to the thick denier, so long nails shouldn’t be an issue here.



The Waistband: wonderful! It’s comfortable, it stays up so well and the elasticity in there is great. I proper tugged at these and found that they can withstand a lot! Plenty of stretch to them which is perfect! It’s a true comfort waistband!



The Florals: this is what made me buy the tights. I know Trasparenze is such a great make (like Wolford but cheaper) and the design is just so eye-catching! I love how it’s not an exact repeated pattern on each leg that you can get with some hosiery, and that makes it even more amazing! I think it works perfectly with the denier, and the way that it’s been stitched makes it look so rich and luxurious from far!



My Thoughts?

Simply no words. Just get yourself a pair whilst you can!


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    Das ist mal ein süßes Muster, und vor allem nicht nur aufgedruckt, sondern richtig eingewirkt/aufgestickt. Und sicher auch schön warm, also gerade richtig für den Herbstbeginn…
    <3 Kathy