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Trasparenze Paradise Tights

Oooooo weeeeee with these cuties I have on the legs! Now these were gifted some time back (like beginning of the year maybe) and once again my delayed self finally got into them to review. I decided to do some natural light and flash shots just so you can see the difference it makes ๐Ÿ™‚

Now I have to say this pair doesn’t have that new ‘Trasparenze’ smell like I was on about in my last post – weird!

So today is all about the tights, and tomorrow I will be doing the review on the perspex heels that I wore with this outfit ๐Ÿ™‚

The Spec

Colour: Blu / Navy

Size: 1 / Small

Denier: Around 15-20

Materials: 90% Polyamide, 10% Elastane

Price: ยฃ11.49

Website:ย Amazon – Ladies 1 Pair Trasparenze Paradise Floral Back Seamed Tights with Foot Decoration


My Outfit

I need to stop doing this combination with blue tights you know! I realise I always resort to this colour scheme purely because it works so well!

Anyways so I wore my blue cami tucked into my floral statement skirt and added my oversized cardigan on top. I added perspex shoes to just shake things up a little (and so you can see the foot design)!

My Deets

Cami Top: New Look

Skirt: Miss Selfridge

Cardigan: Miss Selfridge

Shoes: via Amazon

Tights: Trasparenze


The Review

From The Website:ย Show a gorgeously smooth leg, but with an exciting decorative foot, ankle and backseam in these Trasparenze Paradise Floral Backseamed Tights, with their winding vine and flower design. When you want a predominantly flawless leg, but also want to add a little spice to the look, these must be on your ‘to buy’ list

The pattern climbs up and around the your foot and ankle before travelling up the back of the leg to ultimately form a ‘hem’ around a polka dot patterned body with the appearance of a panty brief. Contrast shade flat seams, gusset and a branded waistband complete these sheer 15 denier Italian tights.


The Packaging: so as you can see below, the models are wearing both navy and cosmetic, so you know that it looks like on the legs. The back doesn’t go into much detail about the hosiery so I will leave it there.

I also zoomed into the packaging so you can see what the front and back look like around the brief area as I won’t be exposing this part; it’s so cute and dainty!

Anyways… Unravelling the tights, you will find the promotional card with other hosiery from that collection. These are vertically packed with a subtle foot and leg shape to them which makes it super easy for you the scrunch and roll right up!

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Getting Them On: so as I mentioned before, the scrunch and roll is gonna be pretty easy once you get your line up sorted right from the feet. As these have a gorgeous foot design, the floral backseam will start from the top of this and work its way up, so make sure that you start off correctly! I was a little sad that there isn’t much going on at the front of the legs!

Oh yeah, and these are fine over anklets as well! You don’t need to worry about getting them caught (as long as they aren’t too sharp!)


On The Legs: they look absolutely stunning. I love how the blue is quite subtle – it’s not as navy-looking as you see on the model. It has that slight hint to it (if that makes sense!)

The denier really does these justice; being around 15-20 it gives you that gorgeous super sheer coverage on the legs which makes the florals really pop! The quality of them are decent; although I did manage to get a few snags during my day.

The fit and feel of them are just heaven; they aren’t baggy at all on the legs, they fit really well and they feel so divine! They are super smooth and silky to touch, where your legs are sliding off each other! I found it to be surprising at first as these are a matte-like finish!

The design I am really crushing on; the foot piece is just stunning and when it works into a floral backseam it just transforms. And to top it off, you have this cute polka dot panty part to finish it all off!

It’s like a garden on your legs!


The Toes & Ankle: okay so let me go into a bit of detail about this bit right here; they are so comfy! They have plenty of wiggle room, no extra gaping material on the sides and no pressure is applied during the day which I love. I think these are slightly reinforced due to that faint strip going across the toes (front and back).

Now one thing I wasn’t fond of was the pattern making my feet look quite clumpy and podgy.ย  The way the thick strip works across the front really didn’t do my feet any favours which I was a little gutted about; it works well at the bottom though! I get why it’s there to help start off the floral design but I found it a little unattractive and hated looking down!

Around the ankles, these sit pretty flush against the skin with barely any wrinkles!


The Waistband & Gusset: now this is interesting with the scallop top! I love how they have their branding working at the side of the waistband and then it becomes blue-y goodness with those little polka dots!

These are comfortable to be in all day, and I had no issues with them rolling down or feeling too tight! These worked so well for me!



My Thoughts?

Whilst you can, I would grab yourself a pair. I am attempting to get them in the colour cosmetic as I love them so much. Sure they worked well in summer, but you can create such dainty pieces with your winter wardrobe too!

I love the way they fit, they feel and the whole floral design they have got going on!


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  1. Wow these look fantastic being a admirer and a wearer of hosiery these I would love having. This I know they are stylish and fashionable and would be something I would love wearing would make a great personal fashion photo.