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Trasparenze Orchidea Footless Tights

So this is a new one for me – from the new Trasparenze collection… And it has been such a huge hit with you all!

I thought I would spice it up a little and do a different type of review for you all and these were just perfect!


My Outfit

Now I know some of you may not agree with my outfit as it could have been dressed sexier, but I wanted to wear them to work and I have to dress appropriately (which means nothing too short) so my grey jumper dress had to do for now. I wanted to go for my white jumper but it just about covered my bum and I know my manager would have thrown a right fit at me!

So next time I am in these, it will be with a shorter dress or shorts even!

Anyways back to the outfit; I did a side plait so it didn’t look too sexy-ish and made it seem more casual and just for effect, I went with open toes sandals (to show that pop of colour). I wanted to do court shoes but I accidently left them in the car and forgot to take them out, so sandals had to do!

My Deets:

Jumper: Lasula Online

Footless Tights: Trasparenze via UKTights

Shoes: Forever21


The Review

So I won’t go into major detail about the packaging for these as it is just the same as their new range (which I have spoken about in the past few Trasparenze reviews) – the front shoes the model wearing them and the back as a peep hole as well as the sizing guide and other little additions. Inside the packaging is where the fun begins!


There is no front or back to these things, so pop them on how you like. I scrunched and rolled these on to avoid any snagging on them – that’s the last thing I want getting them on. Even though the design at the bottom is quite dark in denier, the rest of the legs are sheer as anything so you do need to be careful.


The design around the ankle is the killer – I absolutely love it! It reminds me of Oroblu Tracy Tights that I did a review on a while back, but these are a lot thicker and better in my eyes. Then again they have to be if they’re in a leggings-type form!!


It’s pretty fitted around the ankles, so if you did wear them lower or higher up the leg, they will stay put the whole day. The same goes for the wiggly design – you can scrunch down or pull up to make it more or less on the legs. I so love these!!!


The band is just like an ordinary tights band – sits firm on the body and doesn’t budge a lot during the day. I have to say it does roll a little but to be fair I was sitting down a lot so  I suppose my podgy belly was to blame for that, otherwise I really like it! Sorry that the band is a little fluffy – it’s from my jumper!


The sheerness is just to die for. I love the way these look and have that effect from the top thinking you’re in tights and then turns into a game changer at the ankles! It just means you can be very versatile with your footwear.


Overall Thoughts?

I am in love! It has to be one of the best footless tights I own to date! I love the quality of them, the design and how you will be able to dress these in multiple ways! I know I went casual, but next time it will be a lot more feminine!


2 thoughts on “Trasparenze Orchidea Footless Tights

  1. Which size did you get and how comfortable were they? There are two sizes and I am right in the middle between the two 🙁 I don’t know what to get as I’m not sure what their sizing is like.