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Trasparenze Jujube Fashion Tights

YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS we are back in fishnets again after so so long! I still have a few more to do that have been sitting there waiting patiently, but I said to myself these cannot wait seeing as they are part of the new Trasparenze SS18 range!

Now these will be interesting as I haven’t done this colour in fishnets before; I have ordered some Mauve ones from ASOS not long back which I still need to review, but I am so looking forward to this!

The Spec

Colour: Cosmetic

Size: 1/2 – Small/Medium

Denier: Unknown

Materials: 92% Polyamide, 8% Elastane

Price: £11.99

Website: UKTights – Trasparenze Jujube Fashion Tights


My Outfit

I kept it proper simple today (most of you won’t be pleased) with a oversized t-shirt dress and I added my stone coloured boots with it. I had a khaki duster coat and my pinky/purple scarf with it when I was out and about it dress it up more.

I kept my hair up in a pony and added small studs.

My Deets

T-Shirt Dress: New Look

Tights: Trasparenze

Booties: New Look



The Review

From The Website: Jujube is a classic design, but it is intersected with something more eye catching than a subtle and timeless old worfavourite. These tights are a timeless fishnet but the inclusion of a hold up top right in the middle is inspired. It adds a level of detail and classic Renaissance beauty to the design that is hard to beat when it comes to being head turning and it is a truly stunning and beautiful homage to classic Italian design.

* Large net
* Black decorative waistband
* Black garter detail
* 92% Polyamide
* 8% Elastane


The Packaging: I have to say I am loving this! so tropical and colourful … like girls in the wild type of thing!

The front shows 2 models wearing them in 2 different colours (mine is the one on the right) with the back stating info about the hosiery care, materials etc. Not much to say about the back this time.

When you get them out the packaging, these are neatly wrapped with a DAMN PIECE OF CARDBOARD INSIDE!!!! – UGGGHHHH!



When you get inside… okay so trying to not freak out that this has card inside of it! I hate it when it does that as you have to be even more careful trying to get the card out of it!

Once you slide the piece out, these are pretty much ready to go. I would advise hosiery gloves and maybe a pair of nude underneath to make these glide on super quick!


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Getting Them On: so I mentioned that a pair of nudes will work under these purely because you can slide them right on compared to doing it bare legged when you have to watch that your toes don’t get caught and tug the fishnets! I kept doing that this morning as I wasn’t awake enough to do this as quickly and smoothly like I normally would.

Also anklets need to be smooth and not sharp, so they won’t catch and tug the tights when they are on.



On The Legs: I am liking this colour! It’s one that is just slightly lighter than my skin tone (the sunlight was on them in these images so it’s a lot white than it actually is) but I love it! It’s one that isn’t a in-your-face statement piece which I like and a lot of you can get away with wearing to work too!

The denier is great on these too. I’m not too sure what the denier actually is, but these are a thick net which means it has durability to them. I did catch these a few times during the day, but didn’t end up with one rip, compared to some fishnets that catch and rip so easily.

The band piece on this is just gorgeous; I had to try and hide mine under my dress as it wasn’t appropriate for work (I did it anyways) and I thought it looked so awesome. It’s a lovely lace piece with a cute little corset side tie (nope it’s not real) which looks super cute! these do sit around mid-thigh (which I gathered after having to pull it up so many times to watch it slowly drop back into place again!)

The quality is amazing, and I am loving these a hell of a lot right now! That’s one thing that always makes me smile about Trasparenze – they’re affordable and their quality is really good. I haven’t come across a pair where I have found a fault (if I have blogged about it, I need to re-read them!)

The only issue you need to watch out for is when you apply pressure, you will end up with net markings on your legs and when the net moves, you’re left with this weird looking double fishnet mess on your legs!



The Toes & Ankle: I am loving this toe piece! It is a real nice thick toe covering (front and back) which stays put over the toes all day long. it’s not one that will rip easily and you can tell by how thick the denier is on that and it’s super elasticated!

Around the ankles, there is no crinkling, but please excuse the fact that I have fishnet markings on my legs so it doesn’t look as nice as it did before I decided to put pressure on there!



The Waistband & Gusset: the waistband is damn good! They have the logo on both sides of the waist / hips and then it goes into a gorgeous lace design (similar to the thigh band) and then works into the netting.

The band holds up really well during the day and is so comfortable to be in as well; I had no issues whatsoever! It sits around belly button level on me (it might differ depending on your body shape).

Once again, keeping with that cute design, they also have that corset design at the side of the hips which I really do love!

The gusset on these are also great; a small cotton one which blends in with the hosiery too!




My Thoughts?

These are super cool and such a great twist on the classic fishnets! The bang just adds to it and creates such a beautiful piece without even trying!

The quality and denier is fabulous; one that will last for a good few wears at least and the colour is one for those who are looking for more of a casual, natural look rather than something bold. You can get these in a variety of colours, but this has to be my favourite so far!