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Trasparenze Granata Holdups

Trasparenze is on the legs once again – and this time it’s one from ages back (I tried to find it on the net, but didn’t seem to have much luck!)

I realised that I’m leaving the darker deniers to review last seeing as the darker days are approaching fast! Only right to do so, as it means the cosier knits are out and the longer boots are on!

The Spec

Colour: Nero / Black

Size: 1/2 – S/M

Materials: 60% polyamide, 28% polypropylene, 12% elastane

Price & Website: Unknown


My Outfit

I swear I need to stop doing red and black so much – I always end up doing this without realising it! Luckily I broke it up with beige boots and a cream cardigan to break it up a little!

By the way, the top is a bodysuit, so you will see the bottom of it in one of the images below (don’t think it’s my underwear!)

I added my pearly necklace and small studs into the mix with this.

Oh and then went cute with pigtails as it’s a hair wash day, and decided I didn’t want to tie it up!

My Deets

Top: New Look

Skirt: New Look

Necklace: Accessorize

Holdups: Trasparenze

Boots: New Look

Jumper: New Look


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The Review

The Packaging: so I’m really liking this packaging – completely different to what I’ve seen before! It’s a real slimline box! The model is at the front along with the brand and the name of the hosiery and at the back, it’s still kept the same; very basic info!

You open it from the tab at the side and the hosiery just slips itself out. I love this!



Getting Them On: okay so these were a pain to get on! I had a lot of trouble lining the design up at the back and even when I did, it moved itself to a position where it was completely bent! So I had to give this a few goes until I got it right! As you can tell with the image below, it was just wonky the whole day!



The Toes: these actually killed my toes. Because they re supposed to sit mid thigh and not high up like they’re meant to, I had to really stretch and pull them, which means that the material around the toes was pulled and there was a lot of pressure! Not only that the toe seams actually ended up below my foot; it all got so messy today!



The Bands: these don’t have as much holding power as you think; I could feel them slowly pull away from the skin and slowly slip down so every half hour I had to go to the loos to pull them back up again. By the way that’s not my underwear it’s just a bodysuit!



On The Legs: okay so these are supposed to sit lower on the legs rather than just under the bum like I normally sit them. I had to tug so much to make them stay, and by doing that, everything went kaput!

  • The design went haywire
  • The backseam lace was all over the place
  • The material around the ankle was super stretched so looked all weird and boxy
  • The denier had lines all through it because I stretched it too much
  • The seams were under the feet and not around the toes

I really had a bad time with these today; I was not comfortable at all and was so conscious of them falling down!



The Design: the one thing I do love about these is the back design! They are so unique and they look absolutely stunning against the opaque denier, but it’s a shame that they just twist and turn all the time!



My Thoughts?

I love them but I can’t be dealing with them having to sit low and then get all awkward on me. I love the design and the quality; I never have issues with Trasparenze, but God these gave me jip today!

One other thing I noticed was at the side of the lace backseam, it actually started to pull away – see the image below on the right leg and you will know what I mean!


3 thoughts on “Trasparenze Granata Holdups

  1. The detail on the lace is absolutely gorgeous. They totally draw the eye to them (believe me) 😀
    Such a shame you’re finding all these little flaws, but from an onlookers point of view, they look AMAZING 🙂