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Trasparenze Fellini Tights

And hello statement legs! I got these not long after they were released on UKTights but have only managed to get into them now! Trasparenze are killing it lately with their gorgeous statement designs, and it’s perfect when it’s dull weather (for work) or a statement piece for those work parties coming up!

The Spec

Colour: Cosmetic Nero / Nude Black

Size: 1 / Small

Denier: 60

Materials: 95% polyamide, 5% elastane

Price: £17.99

Website: UKTights – Trasparenze Fellini Fashion Tights


My Outfit

I wore these to work, so dressed them up slightly! I wore my long white shirt dress, along with black court shoes (of course!). I added small studs and just put my fringe back (greaseball day), so it worked nicely.

I have to admit I left my jacket on all day with my outfit as it was so cold in the office (everyone has heating except ours) which is doing no favours for my flu right now!

My Deets

Shirt Dress: New Look

Jacket: New Look

Tights: Trasparenze

Shoes: Pleasuredom Shoes


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The Review

From The Website: The Fellini Tights is just as you might expect from a pair of tights named after what might be Italy’s biggest artistic genius since Michelangelo. All the fashion tights from Trasparenze are named for directors of the silver screen, and Fellini is Italy’s most loved. Known for his big productions, verbose tales, baroque scenery and ambition, we might say that some of the design team at Trasparenze are secret fans. Fellini never shies away from excess and there is so much richness and detail in everything you see that the history and beauty of Italian baroque almost overwhelms you. Are we talking about the films or the fashion tights here? Well, there’s all the evidence you need to know that these new tights from Trasparenze are truly a piece of art.

* 60 Denier

* Cotton gusset

* Veiled romantic side

* 95% Polyamide

* 5% Elastane


The Packaging: very simple but enough! It shows the model wearing them at the front, and then sizing, washing, materials etc. all stated at the back. I actually can’t wait to get them on!



Getting Them On: is so easy!! One thing I love is that these are subtly shaped to your legs beforehand, which means all you have to do is scrunch down and roll them right on and boom!


They are on! I didn’t even have to pinch and pull into place either which is always a good thing – minimises my time getting ready! As these have a cut-off point under the bum, you don’t want to pull these too much up on the legs; I actually just gently did it, which was great as it sat right in place and I didn’t have to pull up or down to make it sit where it’s supposed to.



On The Legs: these feel like a dream. One thing I really do love is that nude on top; I wasn’t too keen at first as it looks a little ‘fake’ like, but then you see a slight glisten on the legs, which then just made me forget about the colour and just got me staring! It works so well against the black!


Normally I used to put the black in front and nude at the back as it suited my legs better, but with these there is no way I could do that! I have to be keeping the nudes at the front!!


The denier is just great as it feels nice and thick, and the quality is just fab! Not one snag all day and they have sat in place without budging an inch! I will need to give these a go with bodycon skirts and dresses, but I don’t think I will have any issues if I am honest.


Once thing I did notice was the design has some overlaps; it’s not consistent as I would like it to be, but it’s nothing too noticeable! I just get really picky and anal when I try on new hosiery, but for those of you who just like it for what it is, you don’t need to fret about it!



The Toes: spacious and looking damn good! I love how the opaque works right from the band, down the back, under the feet and right on top of the toes. I think it’s looks wonderful and it just adds to it, rather than having the nude denier over them. I suppose you could wear open toes or peep toe shoes with them if you wish, but I prefer to keep mine closed in this case.



The Band: is so comfortable. It hardly feels like it’s around my stomach. It sits above the belly button (which is never a bad thing – keeping me warm right now!) and it has a lot of stretch in there too! I love how it has the logos at the front and back of the hosiery too! During the day, it stays against you and doesn’t drop at all, although I suppose it can depend on your underwear too!



The Look: I am loving it! They are so funky! I have had similar pairs with statement side designs, and some that have the nude front and opaque back, but nothing that combines the two to create such a beautiful piece! Even though I wore it with something that covers a lot of the leg, it still worked (but you can always opt for something that exposes more to make it really effective!)



My Thoughts?

I absolutely adore them! They are just so different and such a statement piece. From the front, you can see the side design just slightly, but it’s just amazing when you see it side-view with the heels! The quality is always great, the colouring works so well with my skin and these are one of the best eye-catching pairs I own!


5 thoughts on “Trasparenze Fellini Tights

  1. These tights look incredible Have bought Trasparenze brand before and love them just not this style. Will get these for sure very classy and stylish look and know they would look great on.

  2. Absolutely love the totally opposite , sharp contrasts of the two colours. They should clash maybe? But they don’t. Or perhaps they do clash and that’s where the magic happens. Either way……….
    Dooo enjoy those. They make very pleasant viewing indeed 🙂

  3. Nice tights like the black back of your legs and the pattern down the side as the colour changes to nude
    The heels are very sexy

  4. Well did another pair I needed to have since your review. Got these last week and adore the look of my legs once I had them on. The fit the feel and they look magnificent on they are classy and fashionable. In fact my photo next to my name will be of them soon after this comment.