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Trasparenze Edera Fishnet Tights with Platino Cleancut

So this one I can’t say is a double review (as I’ve done the Platino Cleancut as an exclusive) but I can say that the focus is on the fishnets this time as I have gone for a creamy/beige colour as a statement piece.

So this is another pair from my new Trasparenze collection (which I am seriously loving right now) and  I thought I had to get myself a pair of whale nets to add to the collection seeing as I have a lot of black and whites, so a skin tone/cream colour would work wonders for Summer!

Get your gorgeous pair from UKTights here > Trasparenze Edera Fishnet Tights

My Outfit

Now I was going to wear these to work but then I didn’t want to wait so long to wear them, so I decided to rock them on the weekend instead. I suppose it makes a nice change doing a casual review for once! I know some may not agree here, but hosiery doesn’t always have to be dressed up; let it dress you down as well!


I really wanted to do my oversized shirt with these for some unknown reason; maybe I was feeling the grunge side, so I paired it with shorts and my waist belt (seeing as the corset belts are back in again). I left it hanging off the shoulder to give it more of a I-don’t-care-look. I wanted to pair up with my knee high Timerbland boots, but realised I left them at the other house, so converses came to the rescue with this. I thought the more leg the better with these as the sun was shining and it was actually quite hot!!


I left my hair down and messy just to finish off the look and off we go!

My Deets:

Shirt: Lasula

Bralet – Forever21

Shorts: Select

Tights: Trasparenze Fishnet from UKTights and Platino Cleancut from Shapings.com

Footwear: Converse


The Review

So once again the packaging is very bright, light and those legs are just to die for on that model! The back of the packaging is once again basic, showing the sizing guide, the materials and also a QR code!

Let me drop you a little bit about them taken from the UKTights website:

* Whale net tights

* Fashion and chic

* Top hosiery trend

* 80% Polyamide

* 20% Elastane

 “Edera is one of the first whale net tights in the Trasparenze collection, and it is such a welcome addition. Fishnets are a classic design that never goes out of fashion and the whalenet version is the most striking available. It goes with everything, looks eternally stylish and is exactly what you need in your wardrobe this season.”


Getting in you will find card in one of the legs but it’s ok (calm the heavy breathing) – it’s completely fine to pull out as the nets are quite thick so it wouldn’t snag as easily as normal sheer tights would!


Now seeing as I have sheers on underneath anyways, I found these super easy to get on as it just glided up my legs with ease. I normally would have to scrunch as much as I can just so my toes don’t get tangled in them.

I would recommend these with a pair of nude or tan sheers underneath just to give it that extra oomph and help you get them on better!


I love it around the toes – normally I don’t like that part but they have woven them so well it looks so pretty not to show off! As mentioned before, these are thicker than most fishnet deniers I have worn before, so you’re in luck with reinforcements as these won’t be snagging or ripping anytime soon!


The waistband is just fab on these pair – thin, sleek and holds up damn well. It has hardly moved all day! I love how the nets join up to it; there’s something about this pic that I just love! I can’t put my finger on it, but it’s just heaven!



The nets itself is gorgeous. I have pinched, pulled, tugged and treated them as rough as I can and it has to be one of the best. I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that they are whale nets and not fishnets, even so they’re still great! They hug all corners when you’re standing but sitting it does pull away from curves (like under the knees) – naturally it would do that so don’t worry there. I had a friend who complained all because her nets weren’t sitting flush against her legs and I told her to poke herself! How silly!!!


The colour is another reason as to why I bought these and not in black or white – because they’re a creamy beige colour, it would work for Spring / Summer with dresses. Black can make it look harsh if you’ve not dressed them right and white is a hit and miss in my eyes but this colour is a colour that will never go out of fashion!

These can be made as subtle or as bold as you like, which makes them a winner in my eyes compared to blacks!


One thing I love about my outfit is the Platino Cleancuts underneath that gave it a look out of this world! I love when the sun hits it; it just gleams beautifully and with the fishnets on top acting like a cage on them is just *hand biting* – the left is when worn around the house and the right is when the light shines on it and creates something amazing!


Overall Opinion

These are to die for. I am so glad I have these in my collection as a first for Trasparenze to create! The quality is fab (it always has been) and these are just a winner in my eyes. What’s there not to love about whale nets? I think they’re in a league of their own!

Thanks UKTights and Trasparenze!

Next time I will be dressing these for work – so keep an eye out for the office version I produce!

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  1. You are so perfect. And wearing the platino cleancut makes your legs and feet even more perfect. Thank you mrs. soni for sharing them. Been waiting a long time to see them on your legs.