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Trasparenze Designer Tights

So after a while from being away from the brand, I am finally back in them once again! I got these come just before the honeymoon and have just not had time to get round to doing them. But finally now that I have decent mirrors back home, I could get it done! I just love the whole look – how unique they are and the twist on the backseam!


My Outfit

So I went quite plain Jane with my outfit today just to make the tights and booties the statement piece and why not hey?

My long black dress (with a kimono to cover which came off later on) with dark deniers and a statement bow to go with the shoes was a winner! I wish I still had my red heels – it would have been even hotter!

My Deets:

T-shirt Dress: BooHoo

Kimono: H&M

Tights: Via Amazon

Booties: Marks & Spencers



The Review

Packaging: It was totally different. It came in a box that opened out. I realised then that the tights were so bulky due to the velvet backseam! You will see in an image below how the backseam just gathers up the leg!

They are pretty thick tights – and we’re talking around 80-100 denier at least just to hold the velvet backseam.

I do like the waistband on these – they’re very strong and do hold well all day. For those of you who don’t like bands that suffocate you, these sure won’t.

I love the fit of these – especially around the feet. Normally thicker deniers mean bulkiness around the toes. but it wasn’t the case with these. They went around the toes lovely and stayed put all day too.

Snagging won’t really be an issue with these, only because they’re pretty thick and it would take something sharp to get these. I know I didn’t get a single snag in them whatsoever.


Now the line-up of these was mega hard, and it doesn’t help that they were mega tightly elasticated! I had it straight for most of the leg, but then went skewwhiff at the thighs! It started to work itself inwards. I tried to rejig them but the way the tights were made, it made it mission impossible. So I had to leave them going slightly wonky at the top (it’s fine seeing as I normally cover my top thigh region!)

Let’s move on the lovely backseam – it’s so irritating I could not wait to get this pair off! Surprising hey? Well let me tell you why… These were not comfortable to sit or stand in all day. When sitting for long periods, the backseam would press into your thighs making it hurt when you got back up and standing was even worse. My feet were in pain by the end of the day, I had to rush home and get them straight off! They really dug into my feet at the bottom making it hard to walk at some points! You will see an image below showing you what it was like under the foot, but oh my GOD!!!!!


My thoughts? Well I love the uniqueness about these and how they actually stand out, but the amount of hassle I had trying to get them on let alone being in pain with them, these aren’t at the top of my list. They weren’t comfortable at all and I don’t think they’re worth the price they are retailed at.


2 thoughts on “Trasparenze Designer Tights

  1. Aww. Such a shame about these Soni. I had high hopes at the beginning of the review.
    I have some similar design made by Wolford.
    If you get chance try their satin deluxe tights. Velvety soft with a soft back seam. 😘