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Trasparenze Classic Capri Pantyhose from ElegantUp

And I would now like to introduce ElegantUp, which is a brand I am now an ambassador of! I have been so excited to receive these goodies from them (from America) and now that I have them, I had to get started. Forget my Calzedonia collection I’m working on, these were my priority!


About Elegant Up

“We do our best to help supply you with all your fine hosiery and lingerie needs.

Our goal is to be your one stop shop for all your hosiery and fine lingerie needs. Be it from stockings to pantyhose, silky to opaque, warm tights to summer sheers, pattern to smooth, special night out, to honeymoons, or just because. You name it we have it.

It is our desire to make sure we provide a quality product and at an excellent price.

So go ahead and browse around, we hope you can find some fine hosiery and lingerie to add to your wardrobe!

If there is something in particular that you are looking for that we do not have, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

At Elegant Up, it’s our goal to be your one stop shop to get all dress up!”


The Spec

Colour: Playa

Denier: 8

Size: 2 / Small/Medium

Website: Trasparenze Classic Capri Pantyhose

Price: $9.99


My Outfit

Right so I had a major busy weekend visiting all my aunties and uncles in Wolverhampton, and seeing as it’s the first time going down to their house as a married woman, I had to dress for the occasion. Now I know it’s only a house visit so why dress up to the nines? Well I like to make a good impression and I really wanted to rock my new hosiery with a new dress, so why not?!

The dress is from Lipsy which I bought in the sales a while back for dirt cheap and I thought I would team up with nudes (rather than blacks) seeing as the weather was gorgeous!

I added a pop of colour with my plum shoes rather than blacks or nudes seeing as I wanted to make a statement and just added drop earrings to finish the look.

You can always opt for a necklace as well, but I thought the big earrings were enough around the face.

My Deets

Dress: Lipsy

Tights: via ElegantUp

Shoes: gifted via Amazon

Earrings: bought from stall at work

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The Review

I have done a fair bit of Trasparenze this year with their new collection, and it’s nice to be back in them in a simple nude sheer pair. I love their quality anyways, so it’ll be interesting to see how these turn out!


The Packaging: is nice, simple, clear and bold. The model wears the tights at the front and at the back is the standard look of Trasparenze with the sizing guide, and lots on info in various languages. Getting into them I found that they were neatly wrapped and folded horizontally (so it’s easier to do your line up) around cardboard on how to get them on.  I thought that was pretty awesome for newbies as not many companies tend to include that. I remember wearing hosiery years ago and I used to be so rough with them and I actually didn’t know how to get them on properly and take care of them until I started to experiment with various styles and found out more about the hosiery world!


The Toes: is lovely and sheer, so perfect for sandals and that pedicure you’re getting for summer! To be fair I need to change my nail colour to a more ‘pop’ colour rather than gold, getting a tad bored with it now as it’s slowly chipping away! I always tend to just slightly tug them away so it releases any pressure put around them – this is what causes them to rip against the nails.


The Waistband: is really nice and comfortable on. Not too tight or too loose, but good enough to keep them held up all day. it’s a nice thickness too – I don’t like they’re overly thick as it starts to roll over and becomes so annoying after a while!


The Denier: is so light it looks like I’m not wearing any hosiery! It is slightly darker than my skin tone but it gives it a lovely slight tan look with a gorgeous glossy shine when the light hits it. As it’s an 8 denier pair, you will need to take care of these as they are so delicate and can snag super easy! Shame they’re not run resistant as it would be the perfect package!!!


The Look & Feel: is to die for! I mean like they’re just heaven in my eyes. They’re so bare looking with a shine and works perfect for summer! It gives your legs a makeup look I have to say; mine always look so much better with a pair of tights on, but these are just stunning. They’re super soft, super silky and do their job! I know they’re just a basic pair of nude tights, but the quality of Trasparenze is just divine. If you love Wolford and brands along them lines, then Trasparenze is certainly not far behind and definitely more affordable!


Overall Thoughts?

I am in love with these – I have so many nudes (some of which I have now sold) but these are certainly a keeper. I love the quality, I love the shine and I certainly love how my legs look in them (which is the most important thing!)

Thank you Elegant Up for these beauties!! To get 10% off, use code ‘sonipanda’


2 thoughts on “Trasparenze Classic Capri Pantyhose from ElegantUp

  1. Whooosh!
    What’s not to like with these..
    Perfectly perfect accessory for a perfect pair of legs 🙂
    Loving the close up on that gorgeous mesh.