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Trasparenze Cedro Fashion Tights

Now let me get into something fashionable and funky as it’s been a while since I have done so. So these babies were a random pair I thought I would give a go. I gotta say it was a struggle as every time I pulled them out to wear, I ended up popping them back again.

So one day I decided to try on 3/4 of my wardrobe to match something to these, and boom! I started off with basics, and then layered and accessorised it all up! … GO SONI GO SONI!

The Spec

Colour: Jeans

Size: 1/2 – Small/Medium

Denier: Around 60-80

Materials: 80% polyamide, 20% elstane

Price: £14.99

Website: UKTights – Trasparenze Cedro Fashion Tights


My Outfit

I wore my white t-shirt dress, added my denim shirt as a extra piece, paired with my nude-ish corset belt and added my Timberlands to boy it up a little. I decided not to wear heels or heeled boots with these and create more of a casual every-day look instead.

My Deets

Dress: Jennyfer

Shirt: H&M

Tights: Trasparenze

Boots: Timberland

Corset Belt: New Look



The Review

From The Website: Cedro is among the most detailed of the new Trasparenze items. It is also unique among nature designs as it is new and different at every turn. Most nature prints are repetitive, but this one has something new at every turn. This is just as original as a beautiful floral net should be.

* Floral net
* 80% Polyamide
* 20% Elastane


The Packaging: is pretty tropical as it was part of their SS18 collection. I was just late getting my hands on them! So I got a very unusual colour, which the model is also wearing on the front. The back doesn’t go into a lot of detail so imma skip that part.

When you get inside, they have that new hosiery smell to them (I seriously do love this!) and they come slightly shaped to your feet but it’s not something that’s noticeable.

Now one thing that got me was the card inside one of the legs, which I was miffed about. I get why they gotta do it for show purposes, but omg I hate getting it out! I took my time to make sure it didn’t catch at any point.

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Getting Them On: taking care over anklets, these are super easy to get on. You don’t have to worry about them being symmetrical or anything; the only thing you do have to worry about is making sure you don’t end up twisting it near the gusset so it sits all weird. You shouldn’t have a problem doing so as mine were find going up. I ended up pulling them from the ankle to the waist anyways, and they were perfectly fine 🙂


On The Legs: oh man they look so good. Depending on the lighting, they can look like a light grey colour, rather than a denim blue which I actually do like. Now remember this all depends on your skin colour (or tan colour) how these will actually look on you!

So the denier I am unsure of but by the feel of it (and how much they weigh in your hand) it’s around 60-80 I believe. And I gotta say it’s damn good. I was in them all day and managed to get them caught a few times. Luckily I never made any rips, but it withstood it! So I was pretty impressed here!

The fit and feel is just great; they are true to size and with it being a double sized pair, it gives you extra stretch whether you need it or not. These do hug you real good, so you won’t really see any gappping on the legs or ankles really, which I like! I gotta say these aren’t smooth as they may look, but they also aren’t that rough. It sounds weird but they actually feel like jeans!

The pattern on it is so weird and wonderful; this is right up my street! I love the way it has so many different net styles, and it works so well. I can image these looking stunning in black and pretty light and bright in white.


The Toes & Ankle: so the toes have a small strip at the front and back, which acts like a mini reinforcement. They have plenty of wiggle room and certainly breathable as well! There is no extra material hanging around in the corners of the toes.

The ankles are a lovely smooth finish!


The Waistband & Gusset: is a lovely comfortable fitting one where it sits around the waist and stays put all day. There is no rolling down or it becoming loose during the day. It’s great holding up the tights.

The gusset is pretty big, but then again it gives you that reinforcement down below 🙂



My Thoughts?

I am totally loving these and great they actually look. I would love to pair these with a pair of shiny tan tights underneath to give them a little enhancement! I love the fit, feel and quality of them to be honest; Trasparenze is a brilliant fashion brand!

2 thoughts on “Trasparenze Cedro Fashion Tights

  1. These tights look great on you and am sure would look great on me also. Layered with glossy tights would give that shiny appearance or colored tights under would be another look. Then if wanted could wear by themselves when comes down to it they are fantastic what ever way you decide to wear these.