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Trasparenze Cassandra Tights (Cosmetic)

Yes I have a second pair of this model, as I wanted to try them in both black and nude.

Now as I have already reviewed this pair in black, this will be a shorter blog but with more pictures for you all! This time I paired up with a new faux leather skirt and court shoes!

To catch my previous review, hit this link:: Trasparenze Cassandra Tights (Black)

The Spec

Colour: Cosmetic

Size: 1 / X-Small

Denier: 20

Materials: 65% Nylon, 20% Cotton, 15% Elastane

Price: £10.99 / Sale £5.99

Website: UKTights – Trasparenze Cassandra Tights

The Review

From The Website: Cassandra is easily the most simple and elegant item of hosiery in the new Trasparenze collection. These tights are a plain and pattern-free design with a cosmetic leg that matches or compliments most skin tones. The great addition to this item that sets it apart is the foot. This area features a sole cushion like an insert, which is ideal for giving you a little bit more comfort when you are wearing heels.

* 20 denier
* Sheer leg
* Reinforced insole
* Comfort sole
* Hygienic cotton
* 65% Nylon
* 20% Cotton
* 15% Elastane

The Packaging

Getting Them On: I did my usual scrunch and roll, taking my time going up the legs and over my anklets. I did instantly notice that these add a lovely subtle tan to my legs – I will discuss this further down.

These were fine going over my anklets and I had no issues.

On The Legs: so the colour is one that I am loving. This colour ‘cosmetic’ works well for my skin tone, adding a subtle tan colour onto the legs but keeping it natural looking. I know this colouring may not work for all, but if you’re my skin tone or lighter, these will work for you.

The quality of these are exactly like my black pair; they fit very well, the hug the legs well, they don’t sag or rip easily and I really like them.

I did try to take some images with flash on, to see if there was a slight colour difference. I will say they made my legs look a little lighter for some reason, and added a subtle shine too.

These also had a great amount of stretch for my leg size, as you will be able to see a few images below.

The Toes & Ankle: you will have seen more sole shots in the images above, but we are working with the same sole design as my black pair. It wraps around the top of the toes, works down the sole and ends around the back of the ankles.

I do like that these are natural looking, as the black really did stand out in comparison.

The Waistband & Gusset: and another great band here. This is a slim one, that is identical to my black pair. These did not roll down, shimmy down the waist, roll over itself or give me any issues.

My Thoughts?

There wasn’t much to comment on this review as they are identical to my black pair, and the only difference was the colouring. I really do like this pair for Spring/Summer weather for sure, as these are great to be paired with skirts and dresses and that sole detailing isn’t as bold as the black pair.

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