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Trasparenze Cardo Tights

And my Trasparenze are back out again. I have had some exclusive blog writing to do over the past few days so my normal blogging had to be put on hold for a bit.

Now that I have caught up, I can finally hop back into my new collection and get reviewing again!! I do apologise as this was supposed to be up yesterday but had some little hitches to sort out with it!


This is a pair that from the very moment I was scrolling through their collection on www.UKTights.com, I just had to click it and add it without even looking at the price or description; I was absolutely in love with this design!

I know I have done a few tattoo-like tights lately, but now that Spring/Summer is approaching, it’s the best time to do it and show off those legs! I love my darks and heavy deniers, but it’s time to push them back and get out the nudes and tans!


Get your pair from Trasparenze’s new collection here > Trasparenze Cardo Tights


My Outfit

Now I wanted to do my white mini-ish skirt but I thought I have to be careful at work with it as it can come across too short depending on what tights I wear and I knew if I pair with these, it would be a no go. So I went for my netted black skater dress and red booties to give it that pop! I wanted legs to be the statement piece today!

I added a black velvet choker and left my hair out and crimped to give it a bit of feminine edge seeing as we can’t be girly all the time!

My Deets:

Dress: New Look

Tights: Trasparenze via UKTights

Booties: Marks & Spencers

Choker: Accessorize



The Review

So their new collection shows it to be very light, floral, fresh and spring-y like! And I love it!

So the front of the packaging shows the model and her gorgeous legs and the back talks about the materials used, sizing guide and QE code scanner if you want to visit the website directly.

Inside is where the fun begins; wrapped neatly around cardboard and smelling fresh! I have to say some hosiery I have reviewed before does have a smell to them. I can’t quite distinguish it but it’s nice though!

I would wear hosiery gloves with these just to make sure that nothing catches these and spoils the print! I did one leg scrunched and the other pulled-up and they both went on fine over anklets. I would be careful with delicate ones though as I can see them nicking the tights when you least expect it!


The waistband is pretty comfortable, however I must say that it did start to slowly fall down during the day resulting in the gusset sitting 1/2 inch away from me. It sits nice and snug against you during most of the day but when you’re pulling up and down (especially when you’re a mega water drinker) then that’s where it begins.


Around the toes I have to say is pretty decent especially having the print on it. I find sometimes that it’s slightly tighter/more fitted around the feet with this type of design, but that isn’t the case with these; they have enough toe room!!


The design is just to die for. Like I mentioned before, the design is what caught my eye and I just had to have a pair! I have to admit the sheer is just pasty looking, but it does bring out the design I have to say. It reminds me of the Stop & Stare collection as that is along the lines of how they produce.

Apart from that, I love the contrast of the florals on these tights; when you look down you can see faded where it’s been stretched but there are parts of the roses where it’s slightly darker than the rest to give it an effect. I don’t know if this was intentional, but I absolutely love it!

Another little observation is when the light hits it, it becomes slightly shimmery and that pasty look is no longer there!


Now this is something that I have to praise; when the tights stretch over certain areas where they might be bigger, you don’t lose the design on the tights at all. In fact, it actually makes them more interesting in my eyes! As they aren’t printed straight on, they aren’t a problem when you do stretch and pull them.




Overall Thoughts?

Thank you Trasparenze for actually making this pair! It is one to die for and I love the effect of them! It’s a busy design but something that makes those legs look fantastic!! They’re a decent pair and a beautiful design and I am so glad I have them as part of my collection!



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