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Trasparenze Amaranto Tights

Firstly let me just say sorry for the lack of Insta posts as well as blogs – I have had such a crazy hen weekend and then went to see The Weeknd on Monday night, so I physically had no time to blog! I did wear these last week, took all my images and shared a cheeky few on my Instastory and my page!

Now this pair I have to say is just amazingly unique – I absolutely love that pattern – very simple and chic at the front and then the knuckle-bite at the back with that sexy backseam! I think that’s what did it for me when I first saw these tights.

To own your stunning pair of Trasparenze Amaranto Tights, grab it whilst it’s still in stock from UKTights!

My Outfit 

Now what would make this stand out? Would it be a top and skirt? A dress? ¾ trousers?

I went for one of the classiest dresses I own – the fit and flare Mango dress! I have to say everyone loves this colour on me – I come across a lot more confident and a ‘woman-in-control’ apparently, so perfect for a pair of nylons like this!

I wanted to not go so OTT with the shoes, so I kept them simple with my mid-heel court shoes and left the hair down to make it slightly casual rather than a dominating woman with a ponytail!

My Deets:

Dress: Mango

Shoes: Soletrader

Tights: Via UKTights


The Review 

Firstly this came super quick from UKTights – I ordered them a while back and they actually came 2 days later so they are super speedy with orders.

When I received them, they were neatly packed as anything; no dents, no scuffs, just pristine packaging! I love it when suppliers take good care of nylons; I’m the type to judge what it looks like from the outer packaging as it tells you a lot about how the hosiery is represented inside.

Let me give you a little lowdown taken from the website:

Amaranto is the epitome of Trasparenze’s style of leg wear. Richly designed, infinitely detailed and the perfect balance of traditional and timeless principles. The backseam is flattering and designed to look like a strip of lace, whilst the twisting helix shape is made from vines and other flora. Meanwhile the mesh on the leg imitates a fishnet making it amazingly versatile. This is the perfect design for those who want a rich and beautiful item of leg wear that captures the classics of Italian design as well as modern design conventions.

* Lovely diamond pattern

* Mock suspenders

* Fashion back seam

* Cotton gusset

* 88% Polyamide

* 20% Elastane

The Packaging: is something I like to call above standard. This means it’s a great shot of the hosiery on the front and a fair bit of detail on the back. It shows a small window (where you can see that there is no cardboard inside the tights woo!) as well as sizing, material specs and other little details in various different languages.

photogrid_1489172338909.jpg The First Sight: is just stunning. I got them out the packaging with ease and then find that these are folded horizontally; so not only will it fit snug against the legs, but it will be easy for you to line up the backseam too! I love how the backseam design starts right from the toes and goes all the way up to under-the-bum!


Another thing I also saw (which is just the finishing touch to them) is they have their brand name on the hosiery, just located under the waistband. I tried to get a decent image of it, but this is the best I could do without zooming in too much and losing the focus on it.


Getting Them On: is really easy and so hassle free. I used the fold line to help guide me at the back (you can use a mirror to do this but I prefer to freestyle it). I used the scrunch and roll on one leg and the pull up on the other and I couldn’t say if there was any difference at all.

Let me mention one key point here – I caught my tights a few times on my Pandora bracelet and not once did it actually snag! It was mid-calf and then lower thigh and there was absolutely nothing to show that I have just caught them. I was super impressed at this stage!


The Toe Area: is just to die for. I love how the pattern actually starts right from the toe seams and just work its way up. I took a picture of the top and bottom, so you can see how the design begins from both ends. The only disappointing point is that these aren’t reinforced toes, which would have made these the best tights ever but never mind. I guess I will have to make do for now!



The Design: is absolutely breath-taking. I love the whole twist on this – a simple piece with a BAM! design at the back. It’s ultra-sexy, very feminine and just spices up any look you go for. I would have worked this with a very grunge/punk casual outfit and then with a lingerie set and a pair of killer heels for the bedroom. I just love the way it can be styled so easily!

photogrid_1489100807142.jpgNow one thing I did notice is how funny your eyes go! Taking a pic on my phone and then again on my Canon, there is such a difference. It looks normal but with the crisscross/diamond design, it actually does start to make your eyes go weird if you stare at them for a long time.


Another little point to make is above the bum (so from low crotch to the waistband) the design switches up and becomes a lot more subtle. It fades from the diamonds to polka dots. The sheerness is still kept the same but the pattern becomes a lot simpler.


I love the look of this pair; I know I keep saying it about many different pairs but I really do love patterns and this is to die for. One of the most eye-popping designs to date! It’s not too bold (well at the front) but enough to work with and feel comfortable in.



The Waistband: is thick, sturdy and so comfortable. This is one thing I love about Trasparenze is how nice their waistband is. It keeps the elasticity throughout the day, and doesn’t roll over itself if your jelly rolls take over! I have caught it a few times in my bracelet but no snags or rips have popped up so I’m happy!


Overall Thoughts? 

I am loving these with a passion! The look, the feel and the overall appeal it gives is just perfect! Thank you Trasparenze for such a great SS17 collection!

And it’s a perfect blog to celebrate that I have also hit over 36,000 followers too!


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  1. From the very busy, lots going on back view, to the relative gorgeous calm on the front, I like these very much.