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Trasparenze Allen Leather Look Tights

Well what do we have here? I saw these a while back and added them onto my wish-list as I wanted to review them so bad! I have done leather look leggings before, but this is a first seeing them as a pair of tights, which made it even more intriguing!

Now please do excuse the different shades you’re about to see below; it all depends on the lighting to be honest and at some points, I did use flash as well as the natural sunlight so it will shade a little blue-y at times when they are in actual fact, black…

The Spec

Colour: Nero / Black

Size: Small


Materials: 93% Polyamide, 7% Elastane

Price: £30.00

Website: Amazon – Trasparenze Allen Leather Look Tights-Nero-Small


The Review

From The Website: An exquisite leather look pantyhose. Trasparenze Allen Tights have a cut and sew style, with a flat seam that runs from the back of the foot up to waistband at the top. Featuring stitched gusset for a sleek look under clothes and comfortable feel. These elegant leather look tights are completely opaque with a shaped foot for a better fit. These luxury wet look tights are a fantastic show stopping style. 93% Polyamide, 7% Elastane

Faux Leather Tights

Stitched Gusset


Hand wash

Semi Opaque, Opaque

Shaped Foot

Cut & Sew Style

Wet Look


The Packaging: so the packaging this time was a little thicker than something I have come across before for Trasparenze. This means that it’s gonna be a nice chunky denier pair nicely folded waiting to be worn inside.

The model is wearing them shown on the front along with the brand and make, along with some sizing and hosiery care stated on the back.

As  you get in, you have to unfold it from the right to the left and then slide your hosiery out – pretty neat!

When you get inside, you will find these neatly wrapped around promotional card and also instructions on how to get your hosiery on.

As you can see from the image where the hosiery is out of the packaging, these are shaped to the feet and legs, so this should be fun getting them on!



Getting Them On: so first thing is first; forget the hosiery gloves because you won’t be needing them with these. They are thick enough to withstand any sharp nails; mine were chipping and were catching onto everything and I did not find that was an issue with ‘rolling these on’.

Now I say ‘rolling on’ – purely because it is tough going! You have to make sure that you scrunch down as much as you can so there isn’t much air going into the tights and then you gotta pull them up. It doesn’t matter if you tug at these; I tugged them good and proper to test them out and they were fine!

If you check out the bottom left image, you can see the shape of the legs and feet; so weird but it works!



On The Legs: so I can’t say that these have a wet-look finish to them; they are more of a matte finish to be honest. Wet look is normally quit shiny and I didn’t see that with this pair.

The feel of them are super soft, super smooth and super amazeballs! I even filmed a video for you all so you know exactly what I am talking about!


The denier is super thick to the point there is no sheerness whatsoever; practically like leggings!

The quality of them are actually decent; they don’t snag (obviously) and I only found a few white markings on the legs once I got them on. Otherwise I think these are pretty sweet!

Now the only downfall to this is … the fitting. As these are such a thick rubbery denier, it means that you will be crinkles and boxy parts on the legs and feet; behind the knees, around the ankles etc. I had loads of wrinkly parts on the legs which didn’t look that great when I was prouncing around in them.



The Toes & Ankle: so I mentioned that these fit a little weird on the feet and around the ankles. When I first got them on, I managed to get air trapped inside which looked like a massive foot balloon thing, but when you press it out, it still looks quite boxy-like. These so slightly shape around the feet a little, but if you’re after those secy arches, then forget it. It’s just a massive cover over the feet in these.

You won’t have to worry about reinforced toes as these can withstand almost anything to be honest!

Around the ankles, these crinkle a lot, so be mindful of that and they also do look boxy once again (this is when they are stretched out when you’re standing up or walking).



The Waistband & Gusset: these are seriously just like leggings. They remind me of the Uppsala collection by CdR with their thick shiny deniers looking like leggings when they’re actually tights!

The band is a real good one; they keep up so well and stay put throughout the day. They don’t lose elasticity at all and hold their firmness well. They also don’t squeeze you or feel loose at any point; it’s a nice comfort fit.

You will have to think about the underwear you are pairing with these (that’s if you choose to) as VPL (visible panty lines) are made known in these!

The gusset to these match the colour of the tights, which is always great. They don’t have a cotton patch to them which I thought was a little strange so I don’t actually know how these would feel against the skin.




My Thoughts?

To be fair I am not too sure what to think of them. I like the whole concept that you can get ‘wet’ look tights as well as leggings, but when it comes to fitting, I find these so uncomfortable.

On the model they seem to fit like a 2nd skin, but I didn’t think that was the case when I came to try these out.

The denier, quality and the feel are like amazing; I have nothing bad to say there but when it comes to leather-looking clothing, you want it to fit real nice against the skin, not be baggy looking like you’ve wrapped yourself in clingfilm!

I’m not too sure if I would recommend these, but if you like them, then give them a go and see how you get on 🙂

4 thoughts on “Trasparenze Allen Leather Look Tights

  1. These that your reviewing they look great but don’t like the wrinkle look that’s a big issue with me for that reason would never buy them or recommend them. Bought a pair of thigh highs made like these thought would make a fantastic fashion look for photos when I was taking photos. But had the same wrinkle look and didn’t look good for photos maybe picky but not for me will stick with one’s like my CDR Uppsala tights which I have 7 different colors and looks great in fashion photos.

  2. I do like the leather look tights regardless of the wrinkles. They feel great, but the only thing giving difficulties is that the sizing does not match the given recommendations. I am 182cm and the size L is to short, I did contact the manufacturer, but got negative response as for a longer L. This has the consequence that the tights are loose in the crotch area. I have worn them all day long under a body (to keep them up) and I do like the feel.
    But when it comes to wearing tights day by day then the Uppsala is unbeatable, the best I know for price and durability, I have nearly all colours and wear them regularly in the colder and cold season. In summer I prefer 20 and 40 Den tights due to climat.