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Tramps Hosiery Jocelynne Hip-Hugger Style Tights

Back into compression hosiery we go. A lot of people steer clear of these purely because of the stigma around it; “it’s for older people, it’s not something a fit or healthy person needs to wear” etc.

Well let me just say that compression hosiery is always great for people on the move daily. Not only does it seem like a normal pair of tights, but the benefits they have to your legs whether you’re running down some stairs for a meeting or flying high in the sky, these really do help with overall health!

The Spec

Colour: Black

Size: S – Petite

Denier & Materials: Unknown

Price: $68.00

Website: Tramps Hosiery – Jocelynne Hip-Hugger Style

The Review

From The Website: Our hip-hugger fashion compression hosiery style fits under any hip-hugger garment without exposing the waist area of the hosiery when seated. This product provides 25-30 mmHg graduated compression with our signature open thonged toe to provide comfort without riding up the foot.

Sizing Info:

TRAMPS Fashion Compression Hosiery is designed to be flexible to most sizes with a uniquely knitted fabric that conforms to your body. Our Jocelynne line is currently offered in small/petite and comfortably fits from sizes 00 to size 4.



The Packaging: now these came in a package for me, with 2 others that I will be reviewing in the next 2 days for you. I love how they wrap them in tissue paper to preserve the packaging, and it just adds a nice little touch really.

These come in a slim box with the model wearing them on the front, and a little more info about them stated at the back.

When you get into the box, you will find these folded neatly and ready to wear.


Getting Them On: so let me tell you how patient I had to be…

Like so basically. It took me a good while to get these on the legs, and then I realised that there was no way I could even this out to get proper coverage on the legs, so this patchy look had to do me today for this review. I did try to push down and pinch in places to make it even, but there was no way of that happening.



On The Legs: so far it’s not looking great in terms of even coverage on the legs, but bear in mind that I am doing a petite size, which is size 0 to 2 here and if it was any other colour, I don’t think it would have been too much of an issue but as it’s black…

The quality of these I have to say are incredible. As much as I was pinching and pulling this in place over the legs, I only managed to snag it once on the thigh due to my broken nail. These are super durable and I really did put that to the test today!

The fit of these are slightly too small for me, but if you’re the type that is not bothered about uneven coverage, then go for it! I know some people aren’t as fussy as I am and would wear it anyhow. Otherwise I felt these were fine on the legs and didn’t feel too tight – I expected them to be squeezing the life out my legs, but actually they didn’t!

Now I have to say that these are supposed to fit children as well, and I can see how they would to be honest as there would be enough stretch for them to get even coverage over the legs without feeling too tight.

The feel of them are pretty soft still, even though they have been stretched out massively on the legs. I did expect them to feel slightly grainy and rough but I didn’t experience that at all!


The Toes & Ankle: I won’t show off the toes purely because there is no nail varnish on them as I was letting them breathe for a bit. But as you can see, these are open toe with a sewn part in-between the big toe and 2nd toe to help keep them in place. Around this area, it was super comfortable and I couldn’t stretch this part out much as the heel section would end up on my ankle and look super weird.

Around the heels, there is a small reinforced section which forms a nice curve around.


The Waistband: now this is an interesting band. Not only is it nice and thick, but it sits super low on the waist.

(Please excuse the over-exposed belly shots)

I felt these were super comfortable and a nice change from the previous pairs I  did where they sat so high, they covered the whole of my abdomen. I gotta say they were a super comfortable fit on me and they didn’t dig in or feel too tight that I couldn’t move much.


My Thoughts?

Apart from the size, I feel these are a great pair. I love the lower waistband, which works perfectly for shorts and skirts that sit here rather than further up the body. They were comfortable enough to be in and I would certainly recommend them.

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