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Tramps Hosiery Jocelynne Hip-Hugger Style Tights

Onto day 2 of my Tramps hosiery, and this time we are doing the Jocelynne in a neon citron colour. I have no idea what that will look like on the legs, but I am liking the sound of a bright colour to pair up!

Now this will be a slightly smaller review as I did most of it yesterday with my black pair.

The Spec

Colour: Neon Citron

Size: S – Petite

Denier & Materials: Unknown

Price: $68.00

Website: Tramps Hosiery – Jocelynne Hip-Hugger Style

My Outfit

I stuck with monochromes today to let the legs do most of the talking for me. I went for a midi skater dress paired with my new court shoes.

My Deets

Dress: H&M 

Tights: Tramps Hosiery

Heels: Lost Ink



The Review

From The Website: Our hip-hugger fashion compression hosiery style fits under any hip-hugger garment without exposing the waist area of the hosiery when seated. This product provides 25-30 mmHg graduated compression with our signature open thonged toe to provide comfort without riding up the foot.

Sizing Info:

TRAMPS Fashion Compression Hosiery is designed to be flexible to most sizes with a uniquely knitted fabric that conforms to your body. Our Jocelynne line is currently offered in small/petite and comfortably fits from sizes 00 to size 4.



The Packaging: these pair came in a box with 2 others pairs that I will be reviewing. As you can see, it’s exactly the same as the black pair in terms of style and model, but just a different colour. I gotta say I love how bright these are!


Getting Them On: so once again, I had to be patient as I am working with a petite size again. But this time, I got the hang of getting them on so it didn’t take me as long (say 15 minutes max) .

Oh by the way, these are fine going over anklets as long as they are not sharp or would catch the hosiery whilst you’re pulling it up.



On The Legs: can I just say how much better these are in terms of even coverage on the legs?! These are identical however as these are a brighter colour, I didn’t see any patches across the legs which I was kinda expecting!

Can I now talk about the colour?! Like how striking are these?! I never thought I would be testing a colour like these out, but I am so glad that I am because I love them. They are a mix between yellow and lime green, and depending on how the light falls, they switch. I gotta say these are stunning and not gonna lie, these would be great to wear in winter if you’re after a real bold colour to add to a dark outfit.

The quality once again is simply amazing. No issues at all, and it doesn’t matter how much you tug and pull these, they won’t damage easily! Perfect for those who don’t handle their hosiery well.

The fit is just the same as the black pair; a little small but still comfortable to be in and move around. I gotta say this has to be my favourite out of the 2; I expected it to be the other way round – was I wrong hey!

The feel of them are lovely and smooth on the legs; both inside and out. These don’t feel rough, even when they are fully stretched out which I really do like. They are lovely to touch and a great pair to be in!


The Toes & Ankle: once again the toes and ankle are just the same as my previous review. They are a foot thong at the front to help keep the tights in place and then a lovely comfortable fit around the feet and ankles.

These also have a heel section where it’s reinforced.


The Waistband: another great band I must say. You can see this one much better; that thick reinforced band going across the waist and then becoming sheerer from there on. These do not roll down at all and stay flush like this all day long, which is great if you’re wearing bodycons or fitted clothing.


My Thoughts?

Another great pair in such a beautiful colour! I love these a lot more purely because I had even coverage on the legs regardless of it being a smaller size, they fit so well too! I gotta say these are a great pair!

6 thoughts on “Tramps Hosiery Jocelynne Hip-Hugger Style Tights

  1. Wow! Love this color! It really really pops. Bold neon yellow. Now I really want to try this brand/style.

  2. Yes, they are very yellow indeed, but, they don’t disguise or hide the shape and contours of your legs. That, Miss Soni, is very very important 😁😍