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Tramps Hosiery Emily Maternity Tights

Can I just start this blog off by saying – I am not pregnant! I know that is what a lot of people are gonna be thinking when they read the title of this blog.

This is a pair that I thought I would try out for the company, and hoping to get some of my ladies who follow me (who are planning or are currently pregnant) to give it some thought.

The whole idea behind this blog is to try and get ladies considering about maternity hosiery. I know there is a variety out there already, but not many ones that have compression in them along with a great elasticated waistband to them. I wanted to give it a go to show you what they would be like at the beginning, during and after pregnancy and how they can help!

The Spec

Colour: Neon Pink

Size: S/M

Denier & Materials: Unknown

Price: $58.00

Website: Tramps Hosiery – Emily Style

My Outfit

Why do I keep resorting to monochrome I really don’t know – but it works so well with such bold colours without looking too in-your-face!

I paired up a graphic t-shirt with my flowy midi skirt and added some glitter booties into the mix to give it some oomph!

My Deets

T-Shirt: New Look

Skirt: TKMaxx

Tights: Tramps

Booties: Next


The Review

From The Website: This maternity style in the TRAMPS Fashion Compression Hosiery line has a graduated compression level of 25-30 mmHg and specially designed panels to expand throughout pregnancy and give you waist support. Our signature open toe freedom is perfect for the expecting mother looking for comfort and style.

Sizing Info:

TRAMPS Fashion Compression Hosiery is designed to be flexible to most sizes with a uniquely knitted fabric that conforms to your body. Our Emily maternity style fits comfortably from size 4-10.



The Packaging: I won’t got into too much detail as I keep repeating myself over the past 2 blogs with this section.

The tights came in a slim box as shown below, and once you pull the tights out, they’re ready to get on.


Getting Them On: now these were super easy to get on. I followed my method to get these on and as they are S/M, they have so much more stretch and don’t feel so tight compared to the Jocelynne ones.

To check out how I got them on, hit the link below (opens in a new tab):

YouTube: Finally On – Tramps Bryannna High Waisted Tights (Blue)



On The Legs: as I have done this colour before (Tramps Bryannna High Waisted Tights (Pink)) I won’t say too much about it in this blog. But just know that this pink makes the legs look like delicious bubblegum!

The quality of these never fail me honestly; I love the way they look after your legs and are so hard to try and snag or rip. They are pretty stretchy as well so it would be real hard to try and damage these!

The fit of them are amazing. These have plenty of room as they’re a duo size but hug the legs really well all day long. I felt super comfortable in these and actually forgot that they were compression hosiery you know! Goes to show really…

P.S: I will get to that elasticated middle part later down the blog for you all.


The Toes & Ankle: now the toes are open as you can slightly see in the top right picture with that foot thong holding the tights in place around the feet. Once again super comfortable around this area too, especially around the ankles.

The heel has a reinforced part to them, which you can slightly see in the top left picture.


The Waistband & Gusset: as you can see, the waistband sits pretty high up on me. This is not a bad thing, considering if you’re holding a baby ball you’re gonna need a pair of tights which will cover that bump nicely. These will allow you to do that with that huge elasticated part in the middle. It is super stretchy and gives you enough room to breathe without feeling restricted.

The band itself is so comfortable so lovely to wear; you actually forget that it’s around you once you start moving about. It would sit flush against me if I had a bump for it to caress and is elasticated enough to hug your body and allow you to move freely without restricting you in any way. Otherwise these were slightly loose on around the front and back, but I now know that these will support me how I need them to if I do decide to grow my own bump.

I mean you’re gonna need to be moving freely if you’re pregnant right and not add any extra pressure where it’s not wanted!

Oh let me mention that there is no gusset to these, but then again I’m sure a lot of mothers-to-be and new mothers will be wearing maternity underwear for a while anyways.



My Thoughts?

For a pair of maternity tights, these were so comfy to be in. Like genuinely, I would rock these again with another outfit as they did fit well if they fit me better on the waist. I felt they were so comfortable and not restricting in any way.

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