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Tramps Bryannna High Waisted Tights (Pink)

Bring on review number 2 – although this will be more like a picture blog as the first review went all in depth, so you may see some sections repeated slightly…

If you missed it, then please check out the link below to get the full lowdown:

Tramps Bryannna High Waisted Tights (Blue)

The Spec

Colour: Tramps Pink

Size: S/M

Denier: Approx 60-80

Compression: 25-30 mmHg


Price: $ 58.00

Website: Tramps Hosiery -Bryannna High Waisted Style Tights

My Outfit

Now this time I went a little more colourful with some open toe heels so you can see them properly.

My Deets

Cardigan: H&M

Skort: Missguided

Tights: Tramps Hosiery

Heels: Zaxy



The Review

From The Website: This high-waist style Large style in the TRAMPS Fashion Compression Hosiery line is designed with 25-30 mmHg graduated compression to give you waist smoothing and body shaping support along with open toe freedom.

Sizing Info:

TRAMPS Fashion Compression Hosiery is designed to be flexible to most sizes with a uniquely knitted fabric that conforms to your body. Our Small/Medium fits comfortably from size 4-10 and Medium/Large style fits comfortably from sizes 6-14.



The Packaging: I really do love their whole look. Not only does it come in their own plastic outer packaging (as shown below) but they come individually tissue wrapped in opposite colours and it’s pretty simple. I love the whole concept!

When you get in, you will find that it comes with a slim piece of card that states how to get them on. I will show you how I attempted to do so further down the blog!


Getting Them On: I made sure this time round that I get them on properly and not follow the card and confuse myself. I took my time to get them on making sure that I get a solid overall opaque look on the legs rather than sheer patchy sections.

If you missed the link to their tutorial video, you can check out their link here: https://www.trampshosiery.com/pages/how-to-put-on-compression-stockings



On The Legs:

I have to say these are identical to the blue pair I tried before, so I won’t say much and just let the images do the talking for me here…


Around The Toes & Ankle


The Waistband



My Thoughts?

I gotta say I have loved reviewing these. The colours are just to die for, and the fact that they are such good quality makes it all worthwhile if you’re into compression hosiery (whether you may need it or not for medical purposes).

I am so glad I got to give them a go!

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