Shoe Reviews

Topteck Big Bow Shoes

Once again thank you to Mr Anonymous for these funky pair of shoes!

Now when I saw these on amazon, I thought they were pretty nice and when they came I thought they were even better sitting in front of me!

I thought they were different with a hint of sophistication…

  • I love the way they look – that curved cut around the toes keeping them concealed working up to the ankle and BAM! The big strap with the bow hits!
  • You can actually change the bow to a thick ribbon if you fancy – the bow slides out from the back so it gives you the option to play!
  • They’re super comfortable – they don’t have a platform but I would class them in the mid heel range but you would be able to last at least half a day in them with that heel height.
  • They were packaged well – individually wrapped and stuffed to keep the shape.
  • I would like to say you can wear these on their own without the strap but it would look slightly odd with the little pocket hanging at the back if the ankle.
  • They don’t slip at the bottom – have a good grip underneath.
  • These can be teamed with super cute skater skirts to go for the flirty look or they can be dressed smart for a night out.

I could only think of 2 cons to these shoes:

  • They didn’t come with extra heel caps – wasn’t too pleased
  • The bow has a Velcro closure and it is not adjustable to your ankle so to make it shorter you would need to find someone who can do it for you.

Would I recommend? Yes I most likely would. I would also mention that the strap may be an issue for some with it being quite big for people with small ankles so get yourself some ribbon and create your own look!