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Timberlands and Florals

So this isn’t a review but more about my outfit today. Me and mum decided to head into town in the morning and I was so eager to wear my hoody.

It was a lovely day but still a little nippy so shorts and a hoody was just the perfect combo. (For those of you who asked in the dm – this is a men’s small hoody, so I’m not too sure if they do women’s ones).

I went with my Fiore Espalanda’s  just to tone down the boyish-ness of my outfit.


My Deets:

Men’s Hoody – Timberland

Tights – gifted via Amazon

Work Boots – Caterpillar


4 thoughts on “Timberlands and Florals

  1. Really liked all the sheer tights you have worn was nice to see you in the legslavish vid think you should get a tripod to help with your pictures