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Tights & Heels ♥

So this is just a quick review of the heels that were gifted to me by @dgpuente (yep he was the one who gifted the Charnos Sheer Gloss Tights). So I thought I would put the two together ☺

There is only good I can say about these:

  • They fit so perfectly – might seem like I have a small gap at the back but honestly they fit like a dream
  • Perfect to pair up with any type of tights
  • I like the way that these gloss tights actually make the white pop even more than pairing with it black Sheers
  • They could scuff easily due to the material on the outer but as they are a dull patent it would work with any outfit
  • I would normally pair courts with jeans or skinny trousers but I love the way they set off the tights in the pics below


12 thoughts on “Tights & Heels ♥

    1. Aww thanks!! Well I’ve just had to update it with the amount that was gifted off it! If you need the link just say or if you’re on instagram then it’s on my bio bit 🙂 xx

  1. Those legs are soooo lovely in sheer hose and heels, and the fact that they have an ankle bracelet under the hose makes it all the better. I will one day have to buy you some hose to review ;). Ta Ta.