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The Weeknd Concert Blog

Right now 2 days after the hen party, me and my sister decided to go to The Weeknd Concert (back in Birmingham of course) – this is our second home town I swear!

Now seeing as we partied hard and dressed up to the max before, I decided to tone it down and look younger than I am! Forget the heels (as I injured my foot), add the ripped jeans and fishnets following with a croptop and grey eyes!


I went slightly vampish with the lippy (to be fair it wasn’t the one that I wanted as I left that at home so this one had to do) but still good enough to rock the look.

Messy hair was at the ready along with massive hoops and of course a wrap-around choker to take the eyes off the cleavage area!


I have to say I posted a small clip on my Instastory and as well as my page, and the feedback was pretty awesome; a lot of you had liked it!

If my foot was better, I would have opted for either heeled boots or court shoes to make it smart casual, but seeing as the foot is still slightly bruised and killing me, flats were the better option.


I have to say that the concert was so amazing; better than Drake to be honest. The Weeknd is one of those you either love or hate, but he absolutely smashed it and the turn-out was way bigger than Drake’s too!