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The Trio of Love Your Legs Knee Highs

So my lovelies, I have decided to do a 3 in one (it’s been a good year or so since I have done one) and nope it isn’t on an outfit, but more about a 3 pack of knee highs I received from Love Your Legs.

I thought seeing as they will have pretty much the same type of review, but with a few slight changes, I just said to myself I might as well combine but just comment on how each is different to the other 🙂

Now I haven’t done an outfit with this really – just a top and shorts as I wanted it to be more about the knee highs themselves!

The Spec

Colour: Black

Size: One size

Material: 90% Nylon/Polymide & 10% Elastane (excluding comfort top)

Price: £4.00

Website: Love Your Legs 3 pack fashion knee highs

The Packaging: all 3 pairs came together as shown below. The front you could see and feel them and at the back, it states everything you need to know; ‘one size’, ‘3 pack’, ‘washing’ and a small bit of blurb too!


Getting Them Out: was a little tough and I tried so hard not to snag these whilst taking the cardboard out of them all. Each pair had a cardboard piece in them so you could see the design, but the bad news is that those pieces of cardboard are rough as anything which means I have a feeling that these will have snagged!


The Lace

The Toes: so let’s begin with the lace pair and the toes. They aren’t reinforced but the design starts right from the seam. They do feel spacious and enough wiggle room in them, so perfect for sandals and peep toe shoes!

One thing I will mention is these do pick up little dust particles so you do have to keep picking at it to clean them!


The Band: is exactly what it says on the packet. It’s a comfort band which stays up really well. I didn’t have them on all day, but for the few hours I was in them, they didn’t fall down once or leave any marks on my legs. These sat just under my knee caps so longer dresses and skirts are required if you are to wear these!


The Design: is lovely and not so in your face as you think it would be. I find these to be more of a subtle floral design, but I suppose if you team up with a gloss base then they would certainly stand out.


The Quality: they are soft to touch, but they snag like there is no tomorrow. Remember I said about getting the cardboard out? Well it looks like it snagged all the way down the side of the leg! I was dead miffed when I saw this! Luckily it isn’t that noticeable unless you really are looking for it, but those little trail of lines are super annoying!


The Ribbed

The Toes: once again are covered with the design which starts at the seams. I have to mention that these had a lot of extra materials at the end of the toes, which i had to just tuck under my baby toe so it doesn’t stick out and make my foot look weird. Once again these are not reinforced but as these are a slightly thicker denier to the floral, you should be ok with longer toenails.


The Band: is one that sits way higher than the rest. These managed to be pulled over my knee caps, but it’s not like they would actually sit there the whole day. I had to pull down and pull up without tugging so much to make sure that these sit under the knees. The other 2 couldn’t be pulled up too high and actually sat where they were supposed to. Anyways the band is great on these, super comfortable and no marks were left on the legs after wearing them for a few hours.


The Design: is not something I would normally go for. I love the look of ribbed on other people, but it’s something that you need skinny legs for. My legs are ok don’t get me wrong, but I feel that they don’t actually suit my legs and just make them look weird. It could just be me, but I wasn’t too comfortable wearing this design.

One thing I do like about them is when the light hits it, it goes slightly sheerer than when you see them in duller lighting. I thought they were quite dark until I took a picture with the light on them and they actually stood out more.


The Quality: now I don’t want to be mean but the quality isn’t that great again on these. They don’t feel as smooth to touch or that soft, but they do snag very easily. I got a few from the cardboard and then managed to get another few on the other legs from my nail. It is quite rough to touch but then if you’re wearing under trousers or jeans, it won’t matter so much.

As I mentioned on the florals, you will need to dust these from time to time as well as the material manages to catch fluff!


The Diamond

The Toes: another set of darker denier knee highs, which I can say is similar to the ribbed pair above. It’s not reinforced, but as you can see one of my nails are poking through and I can;t say I feel it would easily just rip.


The Band: now this band is like the floral pair. When you pull it up your leg it actually stops under the knees. I did find that these did leave a subtle mark behind on the legs, but nothing that wouldn’t go after a few minutes. I did find that a little weird as the other 2 didn’t leave anything behind. It is a comfortable band that does hold in place (I only wore for a few hours), but I had no issues whatsoever.


The Design: I haven’t worn diamond in so long. I had a pair in black and a chocolate brown that I used to live out of when I was younger, but ever since I don’t think I have been back in a pair, and I have to say it was certainly nice to be.

These are a medium diamond I would call it, which do look really nice. The pairs i had before was a smaller and larger diamond, so it shaped my legs differently. I know that sounds weird, but I suit smaller-medium in that style rather than larger diamonds as they made my legs look bigger than what they were.


The Quality: now I have to say that these turned out better than the ribbed in my eyes. They were a lot nicer to touch and felt a lot smoother too. I did manage to slightly snag them on the cardboard (even though I was taking great care!!) but it’s not as visible! I like the closer you get the more you can see the design and how much it stands out. From far, it doesn’t look like anything special, but close up, you get to see the small circular holes that make the diamonds stand out on the legs.

PhotoGrid_1495833166207Excuse that bit of chubb you see on the left!

Overall Thoughts?

I have to admit, I do like these but the quality of some does let them down. I know that you can pick these up cheap, but you do get what you pay for with them. I do love the designs (minus the rib for my own reasons), and it’s great that you can buy 3 pairs in one go, but the downside is that you may or may not like some styles that do come in them.

I was lucky and got some great knee highs, but if the quality was a lot better and didn’t catch fluff as easily, I would certainly by a lot more pairs!

Overall I do really like these as something to wear under trousers more than dresses or skirts as I wouldn’t want to run the risk of snagging them!