The Rêver Co.

Well hello new brand! I am super excited to try these pieces out, especially as it is a female-ran company (well it’s with her brother too) based in Leicester! If you didn’t know already, I love supporting local businesses and helping other women grow their brand and business!

So I have 2 pieces to show you from their newly launched collection. I thought it was quite fitting, considering we are back in lockdown, to get some co-ords to wear around at home (and also out and about when I need to go out).

About The Rêver Co.

Rêver translates to Dream. We are siblings and co-founders of The Rêver Co and it’s our dream to create ethically sourced, high quality sustainable clothing to our customers.


The Rêver Co is centred around fashionable styles and quality garments. In the time of fashion, The Rêver Co gently slows down the process of creating high quality classic products that will stand the test of time.


Each item is produced in limited quantities, reducing waste and giving you the confidence to shop with both sustainability and style in mind.


The textile industry has been a part of our lives since childhood and now as young adults we have ensured all of our clothing is manufactured by an independent family owned business, who also pride themselves on their love for quality.

We truly hope you love our clothing. Each item has been made with you in mind.”

Outfit 1 : Kaia Wrap Top & Joggers

Size: XS (UK 6-8)

Website: Kaia Wrap Top & Joggers

My Thoughts: This piece is something pretty different, and I wasn’t too sure what I thought at first. However once I popped some heels and hoops on, I was feeling it. I did end up with a size Small top to begin with, and bless them, they swapped my piece for me so I have a pair that now fits like it should.

So the top is a wrap over style with cuffed wrists and an elasticated band at the bottom. The fit is supposed to a slightly looser fit around the chest and then fitted at the bottom, however the one that was given to begin with was slightly baggy. The new top fits a lot better!

The joggers come with an elasticated waistband, slim pockets and a long leg length to give you a ruffle at the bottom. Depending on your height, the ruffling at the cuffs can vary. The company wanted to make these slightly different to what is out there already, so they went for a looser fit on their clothing. This works in my favour as I don’t like being in fitted clothing all the time, especially when you’re working from home and want something comfortable to be in. The joggers also have a cuffed ankle to them, so the ruffle sits well on top. You can also sit the cuffs higher up the leg if you wanted a proper baggy looking fit (something that I would certainly do). I love how they have a harem bottom feel to them!

Outfit 2 : Blue Ava Crop Top & Joggers

Size: XS (UK 6-8)

Website: Blue Ava Crop Top & Joggers

My Thoughts: A piece that is slightly different from my previous, however one that I can see myself wearing a little more, especially out and about. It is a toned down piece compared to the printed co-ord set.

The top is a box fit, with a crop finish (but one that doesn’t expose too much). This sits where the waistband on my jogger start. It has cuffed sleeves, a round (semi-high neck) and a ribbed pattern all over. One thing I really do like is they have a semi-batwing sleeve to them; it’s spacious around the shoulders, under the arms and at the side of your body. It doesn’t feel restricting in any way.

The joggers are very similar to the last pair; they have slim pockets, a faux tie at the front, a good thick elasticated waistband and that ruffle sitting on top of the ankle cuffs. This material differs from the previous, as this has more of a cosy knitted feel to it. Once again, this is a pair you can sit around the ankles or higher up the leg, depending on your style.

YouTube Channel – The Rêver Co. Co-Ords

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