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The New Green Shirt with Wolford Luxe 9 Toeless

I had to mention the fact I bought these new green shirt! It is my first sleeveless shirt (I never do them because I always think they would look odd on me) and I finally purchased one yesterday evening! Got it in green instead of white as I don’t have enough green in my wardrobe and it’s such a gorgeous colour!


My Outfit Today

So not gonna lie, but I had serious trouble pairing this shirt up with an outfit. It always happens to me when I buy a colour I haven’t worn in so long or a colour I have never worn before. It takes me forever and a day to match it up with jeans, skirts, trousers etc. and the shoes is the killer part! I matched it up so well with a white 3D floral skirt (which ended up looking too short for work with nude sheers on) and polka dot shoes but then I realised I was trying too hard with it.

I kept messing with loads of different skirts as I didn’t want to dress it formal with a black one and play it safe. I thought being Friday I want to jazz it up (and I’m going out straight after work too!)

I ended up pairing with my black and floral high-waisted bodycon skirt and my Simmi peep-toe shoes. These white shoes have still not been worn out and I thought today was the prime opportunity to do so!!

I do love the whole combo put together – really glad I went with this in the end!

If you haven’t see the review for these, you can find it here > Wolford Luxe 9 Toeless Tights


My Deets:

Shirt – H&M

Skirt – H&M

Tights – Wolford Luxe 9 Toeless

Shoes – Simmi Shoes


Does anyone else have this problem with new clothing? If you do, oh my god you need to tell me your stories and what you do so when I next buy something I haven’t bought before, I can try it out and let you know how I get on!


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