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The Hen Do

Well instead of a review on Sunday, I decided to go out the night before to celebrate my hen do and oh my god! I was hanging and was in not fit state to sit there and type out a text message let alone a review!

So now that I have sobered up (but extremely tired), I shall do a little blog on the night!


I bought a new dress of eBay from a seller who does vintage dresses (this had been in my watch list for over a year so I decided to just buy it!) and the mask was from eBay too! I was gonna do my highest heels (the black patent that I did the video for) however I wasn’t too sure if that was the right move, so I went for my velvet strap heels instead.

To finish off the masquerade look, I went for a cat eye along with statement lips and curly hair to make it glam! I mean I was only going into town but had to look the part!

We started off at the Lansdowne Pub and instead of moving on swiftly, we ended up getting merry here and then worked our way down to Belvoir Street. It started off being all the girls from work and then rocked up my guy mates and then my cousin brothers and my Auntie, who ended up going different ways and then meeting back up around 2am!

The Terrace was packed out and the line was so long, Marz Bar just had to do. It ended up being with my cousin brothers, my sister and her best mate and it was the best night out I have had in a very long time. The drinks were flowing, I was toppling over, and the banter was on a next level.


So back to my look of the night, here it is:


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