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The Black Trio – Bodysuit, Stockings & Heels

So in between finishing off my last review on Knittex and writing this one, I ended up having to spend over an hour apologising to my neighbour about breaking down her wall because my car rolled back. So I’m not a happy panda right now!!

Not the Sunday I expected! Anyways before all the drama kicked off, I did spend my morning doing a black-on-black trio review of 3 new purchase that were gifted by 3 different followers just to make up for not doing my planned review yesterday.

So I’ll break it down by each item:

Black Chiffon Sleeve Bodysuit:

  • It came packaged well – not just shoved into a small packaging envelope but neatly done
  • I can definitely say it is true to size – it fits really well and isn’t too tight and revealing on the body
  • Now some worry about the bottom part being too tight where it starts rubbing near the thighs – this definitely isn’t. It’s fitted enough but allows you some space without it rubbing.
  • I love how baggy the sleeves are on this – can’t wait to wear this with a skirt and tights to work during the week!
  • The buttons at the bottom are easy to open and close to get the bodysuit on. It isn’t too tight there I can assure you.
  • The back of it, I struggled to take a picture, is not too deep either. It ends just before the bra strap.
  • Overall I am impressed, sometimes they can be a hit and miss with it being too tight or too baggy, but I do really like this.

No cons to report here!

Fiore Obsession Contessa:

  • Packaged well, although it did snag when I was unwrapping it from the cardboard (lookout for this)
  • Easy to glide and holds really well at the top too
  • It does have the reinforced toe – I tried to take a pic but no matter what angle I was at, it wouldn’t take the shot how I wanted!
  • I love the design at the top of them – which does cover the silicone band very well.
  • With it being 40 denier, I think they do look pretty classy. I do tend to like lighter denier stockings, but these are pretty sweet too.
  • In all honesty, these appreciate more for the bedroom than to wear at work due to the overall design of them.

There are a few bad points I picked up on:

  • I would have to say is that it says Satin Gloss – you see this when you take it out the package. As soon as you start rolling them on, I found it goes into more of a cheaper looking material close up. It didn’t feel smooth and as soft as I thought it would.
  • The design at the top isn’t ad light as it shows on the packaging – it comes out way darker (even if you stretch it!)
  • I also found that my right stocking fit perfectly on my leg, whereas the left leg was so wide and wouldn’t even hold. You will be able to see this’ll the closeup pic below. I wasn’t impressed with that at all.

Core Collection Bena PU Shoes:

  • Packaged ever so well – individually wrapped with tissue overlapping.
  • Came with extra heel caps too – love it when they do! They should make it compulsory when you buy any pair of heels!
  • I love the design – they’re similar to the Louboutins with the curve at the ankle but more for work or evening wear.
  • I have to say I love the studs on them – it punks it up and adds that little bit more
  • The strap you can adjust if you wanted it looser or tighter around your ankle
  • They have a good grip under the soles – not as slippy as you might think especially on laminated floors.
  • It’s what I would class as a mid to high heel – which means you could do a few hours walking in these and be OK in them
  • They fit as expected – not too tight or too loose at all

I found a few downsides to these I’m afraid to say:

  • The zip is very hard to undo when I first tried to get them on, it seemed like glue that was sticking it together so I had to keep wiggling the zip up and down to loosen it so I could get my foot in.
  • There is a large gap between the top of the foot and the shoe – I had to keep readjusting my poses so it wouldn’t show too much. If you have slightly fatter feet, they would sit better in them than skinny feet.

Overall these items are worth buying. I wouldn’t entirely recommend the shoes as it did miff me off when I couldn’t even undo the zip on them! I’m sure that I got the bad batch of the holdups but I would recommend these.

Now just a little heads up here that I went a bit crazy with pictures for this blog!


2 thoughts on “The Black Trio – Bodysuit, Stockings & Heels

  1. Wow, 3 in 1 ๐Ÿ˜Š
    First off, love the body suit. The sleeve detailing looks really nice.
    Such a shame about the stockings. Hold up failure is so annoying when it happens. I always mean to send them back, but never actually get around to doing so. ๐Ÿ˜ค Lovely detail in the tops though.
    I do like the shoes, they are right up my street.
    Try a bit of candle wax on the Zips (just rub lightly all over and it works them free)

    Great outfit. Just throw on a skirt and your away.