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Tezenis Detail Lace Socks

Oooooo hey new lace socks (which I managed to get in their current sale) – and the best part is that they come in multi-packs so you get a even better discount!

I am doing socks a little more (well as much as I can) for you all, as I get many requests from others who don’t wear hosiery but want to see something different.

The Spec

Colour: Multi-colour

Size: One size

Materials: 90% Polyamide & 10% Elastane

Price: £6.99 / Sale £3.49

Website: Tezenis – 2 X Print-Detail Lace Socks


The Review

From The Website: Print-detail lace socks. Each pack contains 2 pairs of socks.


The Packaging: these were bought online so these came just as you see them below. I got 2 pairs, and obvs 2 sets of black as well! I thought the colours were super cute to be able to wear throughout the year rather than a particular season.

No description is really given to these, so what you see is basically what you get.


Getting Them On: okay so the tip is that the backseam should go under your foot. You can choose to wear it so it faces the inner foot, but honestly it’s quite uncomfortable. I wore mine with the seam underneath and I had no issues. I felt it did dig in to begin with when you’re walking around but you get used to it after a while, so you hardly feel it.

These were fine going over anklets – just make sure you aren’t wearing any that might catch onto the lace.



On The Feet: I am loving these colours. Black being the standard pair you can get hold of, but the burgundy and the deep lilac-y grey is super stunning too. I paired these with different heels so you can see the various ways you can style them out. You can wear them with trainers, pumps, court shoes, open toe (like I have) or with ballet pumps. Either way, it’s your style to represent you.

The quality on these are great; they don’t snag easily even though they are quite thin. I love the way they sit on the feet too.

You may find that these might wrinkle down slightly but it’s not massively like the mesh styles you can get. I let mine to give that relaxed look to them rather than sitting high up. I prefer them to look a little more ‘chill’ as it works better with my legs and height rather than sitting up tall on the ankles.

The design is delicate and so feminine, which makes these uber cute. The colours work really well with the design, making it that cute statement piece.


Around The Toes & Ankle: So the toes have plenty of wiggle room in them, with no extra material hanging about anywhere. There was no pressure applied anywhere either, which is great.

Around the ankles, there is no elastic; it’s pure lace. So these may fall slightly depending on how thick your ankles are. They did slightly on mine, but it added to my look.

As you can see with the black pair, this is the seam which I sat underneath the foot which worked right to the top of the socks at the back.



My Thoughts?

I cannot decide which colour I like best; they all stand out in their own way and I am sure if I paired silver, gold or white with any of these, they would instantly transform!

I gotta say these were a bargain purchase, which I am so proud of. They did not let me down at all when I have been wearing each of them.

One thought on “Tezenis Detail Lace Socks

  1. Good morning Soni,normally I’m not a big fan of Ladies wearing socks,but these sheer lace ones are very nice and feminine.Specially when you’re wearing them as you did in this review.in those killer heels,awesome!Thanks gorgeous and have a lovely day😉

    Greetz Andre😘