Testimonial / Feedback

Seeing as I get a lot of good comments / feedback / praise  – whatever you wish to call it, I thought it would be nice to dedicate a page where everyone can leave their comments, thoughts, feelings about my blog, my sales, and well just everything about me really!

I know a lot of you wish to remain anonymous, and that is fine by me. If you wish to post an anonymous comment, then drop me an email on TeamSoniPanda@gmail.com and I shall add it onto this page myself 🙂


Anonymous Feedback

“I discovered your IG recently and I liked your shares on your reviews on hosiery, even heels at times.  I checked in to your blog and found your reviews really informative and insightful.  I can appreciate nice hosiery, and learned just recently that there are a lot of high quality European brand hosiery that’s pretty affordable.  I will say I do have an affinity towards Wolford, Oroblu.  I did like Donna Karan, though the styles haven’t been as good lately.  So I’ve appreciated the level of professionalism you’ve displayed in your blog and IG posts.  It’s more appealing and fun to follow.

I did read through a few of your blogs, as well as your Q&A, so it was encouraging to read of your positive experiences with men who appreciate, even wear hosiery.  I fall in that category.  I don’t wear often, but when I do, it does add a layer of comfort under my jeans.  Opaques come in handy for the winter seasons especially, and much lighter than Long Johns, while serving the same purpose.  And usually, when I do wear hosiery, it’s typically to shop for heels (we’re the same size!).  Which drew me to your blog & IG – I like your style!  Thank you for being understanding to men who wear hosiery as well.

What did compel me to send you a message is your latest blog post – Pretty Polly Mock Gloss Suspender Tights.  I have commented on pics you’ve shared on IG that I’ve liked.  I think your Pretty Polly blog I’ve liked a lot, from the tights, to the dress paired with them, and especially the peep toe pumps.  Such a great look!”

Pretty Polly Gloss Mock Suspender Tights

“I am a huge fan of your work. You do an amazing job reviewing tights and high heel shoes. You are just incredibly beautiful. I love your IG account and your blog. Thanks for all of your hard work.”

“Love your blog! I really love your courage to get your passion out to the world.”

“I absolutely love your work and what you do. You have inspired me so much to start wearing hosiery. I cannot thank you enough!”

“Never stop what you’re doing because you’re amazing!”

“Marvellous! Just marvellous!”

“Thank you so much! I’ve just watched the video. It’s amazing. As always, keep up with the amazing work and content. We appreciate all you do :D”

“You don’t get any better than this”

“Very informative, very unique, very useful, you’re just amazing”

“Thank you so much for all you do for pantyhose and nylons”

“Because of you I have started to get into pantyhose and I enjoy them so much”

“Just wanted to drop you a line to tell you how awesome you are. Have started following you on Instagram and Twitter. Have always loved a woman in sheer hosiery and heels, especially if they have good style and taste in clothing such as yourself. I have to admit that you are totally gorgeous and your pictures do make me smile so much. I do have to admit to having a tights/stockings fetish and have seen many pictures on line but yours really stand out. Sexy as hell but classy to boot..keep up the great work. I look forward to seeing your new pictures every day!”

“I’m a great fan, like many other men, following and enjoying your blog/facebook with great passion. Not only do I admire legs in nylons but I also collect nylons/stockings. I’ve not met the girl whom wants to share my passion and show the beauty of legs in nylons”

“I’m very much into pantyhose lifestyle. I wear pantyhose everyday with my male clothes. I’m a fan of your style and photos and following you on Facebook. I love your sensual candid photos..such classiness.”

“You are absolutely incredible!”

“Just wanted to say I’ve been an admirer of yours for a few years now and I love your style. You bring class to some gorgeous clothing!”

“Soni I just wanted to say how absolutely gorgeous you are!! Keep doing what you’re doing. One of these days I will buy something off your Amazon wish list. I want to help contribute to your love of fashion”

“You are soooo cute! I love your posts! And your new hair colour is awesome, you look like a lit women, who wants to show the world that you’re beautiful to live in -> your own fairy tale! Keep your work up, you are taff and beautiful!”

“Hi! With the utmost respect, I just wanted to say how big a fan of yours I am!”

“I always get a chuckle out of this face when you make it. It is absolutely adorable and great to see there are girls out there with a sense of humour. Keep up the great work, you always add positivety to my day. Kisses”

“I love your posts, they are just the best thing ever!”

“I’m a huge fan of women in nylons and you rock it girl! I look forward to your posts everyday!”

“I love everything you do. Your hard work is paying off!”

“Thank you for being you.”

 “I just wanted to say thank you for being you! I have learned so much from your blog and helps me know what to buy”

“A big thank you to you on your information regarding Calzedonia tights. I finally bought a couple of their Sheer 20 , Sheer 8 & Sheers 30 tights. I’m totally blown away by their amazing quality for the deal. I love their Sheer 8, but fragile like a twig. I’m totally in love with their Sheer 20, and I’m love the Elisir shade. Not much of a fan of bronze shade, but the Elisir shade blends beautifully to my skin tone. You’re right about their amazing shine, and they do last for many wears. Thank you once again for your input & I definitely will look forward in buying more.”

“Hi soni!! Love ur blog, love ur pantyhose and love that ur passion for pantyhose is as equal as mine!! You also have the most amazing looking legs when encased in pantyhose.”

“I love what you do. Please don’t stop being you”

“You’re incredible and I think what you do is amazing”

“I wish I could do what you do”



2 thoughts on “Testimonial / Feedback

  1. Hi I adore your blog. Your legs look amazing. Have you tested Cecelia de Raphael Eterno 15s. Would love to get your thoughts on these.


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