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Tesco F&F Gloss Tights

I have something a little new to the blog for you all. I was talking to a lovely follower a while back about these pairs they have tried out from Tesco and Sainsbury’s (for those outside the UK, these are our supermarkets) and they loved them and recommended them to me to try out.

So one of the days (before Covid-19 had taken over), I bought a few pairs from both Tesco and Sainsbury’s to review, both written and video. I normally stick with known brands as you all know, but as I am branching out to find affordable pairs I thought this would be great to do for you all.

The Spec

Colour: Natural

Size: Small

Denier: 15 

Materials: 90% polyamide, 9% elastane, 1% cotton

Price: £4.00

Website: unavailable – store only

My Outfit

I kept it quite simple today with my outfit; I paired up my jumper dress with my (current favourite) black ankle boots. I had my hair up with this to make it a little more formal and added small silver hoops to finish off the look.

My Deets

Jumper Dress: New Look

Tights: F&F

Boots: New Look



The Review

The Packaging: I have to say this is pretty nice packaging for a supermarket brand. The front shows the model wearing the Natural colour along with the brand name, price, denier, size, and how many pairs are inside. Flipping over, this has a fair amount of detail about the pair on the back. When you get in, you will find these folded around plain card and wrapped in plastic packaging.

These come flat folded with no foot or leg shaping.


Getting Them On: I did my usual scrunch and roll, starting the roll from my feet to anklets and then up the legs before setting into place. These were fine going over anklets, as long as you take your time going over them and don’t rush!



On The Legs: you will see some images below that I have done a bare leg comparison so you can see the difference it makes to the legs. It adds this lovely tan colour to the legs as well as a glossy shine! It also smooths out the appearance of your legs as well, which I think is perfect for those who have marks etc. that they wish to cover up.

The quality of them are pretty good, and I put that to the test with my ankle boots which did snag them up pretty good around the ankles (you will see this a little further down). Even though it took a good rubbing around the ankles, they didn’t run or rip which I am super happy about. I half expected it to, getting my hair spray at the ready!

The fit of them are great on the legs; the were perfect for my height and leg width and there is a nice amount of stretch to them as well. I would make sure you check out the sizing guide before purchasing as sizing may vary.

The feel of them are lovely; they are super smooth, super silky and super gorgeous! They were lovely inside and out, and these do not irritate the legs in any way either. They were a smooth glide on, and the legs glide off one another as well. There is no roughness to them, which you can sometimes get with high gloss tights.


The Toes & Ankle: these come with reinforced toes, which I am super happy about. It is a strip going across the toes and is a darker denier compared to the rest of the legs, so not a good thing if you’re in open toe sandals.

Around the toes, I had plenty of wiggle room and there was no pressure added either. The feet and ankles had a lovely smooth fitted finish, with no wrinkles in sight.

Now you will see, that I managed to scuff these up thanks to my ankle boots. However you will see that these did not run or rip how I expected it to. I was super impressed with that.w



The Waistband & Gusset: I gotta say is pretty good. These sat above my belly button and stayed smooth around the waist for the whole day. I didn’t have any issues with these rolling down or causing me any aggro. They didn’t slip or shimmy their way down the legs either which I am super happy about.

The band itself is comfortable and has a nice amount of stretch in it so it hugs instead of squeezes.

The gusset is a pretty decent size and is cotton, so you have the option to wear underwear or go commando. It sits flush against the skin and allows you to breathe.

These also have a reinforced boxer brief to them before it works into a glossy shine, which is near enough the same colour as the legs so hopefully you shouldn’t see much of a difference.

So speaking of rolling bands, when I was taking these off, they ended up in the rolled-up mess that you will see below. I was super annoyed as I had such a good day in them, but hey it can easily be unrolled and smoothed out for your next wear.



My Thoughts?

I gotta say I am impressed. They are cheap and cheerful, and do their job well I have to say. I quite like the quality of these and the gloss is gorgeous! I would certainly recommend them if you’re in need of some cheap good-quality pairs.