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Taobao PVC Latex Stockings (Video Review)

Instead of doing a written review, I wanted to switch it up and show you all both pairs on a video review instead. As great as it is showing you in images, I wanted you to see what they are truly like on the legs when you’re moving around.

This will be the accompanying blog so you can find out more about where to purchase and what the packaging looks like. The video link can be seen further down the page 🙂

The Spec

Colour: Black

Size: Medium

Denier: Unknown

Materials: Stretch PVC

Price: ¥ 55.00-65.00

Website: Taobao – Highlight composite high elastic PVC thigh socks stockings

The Review

From The Website: Full-strength high-brightness PVC composite fabric, the elasticity can be effectively stretched by more than 15%, the highlight is flat and smooth, and the thickness is 260 grams. It is designed and developed by Neodymium Apparel Company. Compared, the thickness and elasticity are different, and the fabric cost is not the same grade

The Packaging (From 1st Order)


The Packaging For Pair 2 (From 1st Order)


The Full Video Review