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Studio Collant Ballerina Dolcie Tights

Now this pair I have been eyeing up for so long, and I decided to go for it and buy myself a pair. It’s quite simple looking on the front, but the back is where the party is at. I love designs like this as you can dress and style it in so many ways.

I decided to show off the back design rather than keep it covered in this review.

The Spec

Colour: Nude/Black

Style Number: Art 545

Size: S-M

Denier: 20

Materials: 79% Polyamide, 18% Elastane, 3% Cotton

Price: £16.00

Website: Mayfair Stockings – Ballerina Dolcie Tight

The Review

From The Website: An wondrous pair of tights in nude with marvellous black detailing on the back of the thigh. Starting from the top, these tights have a thick waist band with faux suspender detailing beneath the cheeks. This turns into a beautiful swirly design with golden detailing, which has a black seam following down to the bottom of the feet. They are 20 denier and are sure to make heads turn.

Complimentary hand wrapping in tissue and ribbon
Seamed tights
20 Denier
Delicately perfumed
Made in Europe (454)
Sparkling Lurex Thread
79% Polyamide, 18% Elastane, 3% Cotton


The Packaging: so I got this pair from Mayfair stockings, and I love the way they send it to you. Tissue wrapped with a lovely card.

The packaging itself is always so glam and luxe; showing the model wearing the style on the front of the packaging with the back being quite generic. They normally tend to insert photos of the models into the packaging so the generic outer can be used for all.

When you get in, you will find these wrapped around card, flat wrapped as well – with a gorgeous scent to them as well!

Now what did worry me is those bent seams on the hosiery. I really hope to God I don’t have issues with these once they are on the legs! I will not be happy as they are such a gorgeous pair!

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Getting Them On: okay so let me just cry to you, letting you know that the seams are bent. To line them up straight, you need to twist the toe cap part for it’s side rather than flush against the toes so the seam sits exactly how you need it to. I was so sad when I realised that they were in fact sewn on bent!


On The Legs: okay so I had that drama to begin with… Not to worry. But then comes another massive issue … A MASSIVE RIP AT THE SIDE OF MY THIGH!!!!

So all day,they have been so good to me, and then I come home to find that they have a massive rip at the side. I quickly got hairspray and sprayed it all over making sure that it doesn’t go even further down the leg. It went from my top thigh to the band, and then worked down the thigh! I was so not impressed and was about in tears again!

TIP: Hairspray is one of the best things you can use for Burj Khalifa’s on your hosiery or even small rips. Nail varnish can also work for snags and small holes, but I always recommend hairspray and a strong – ultra strong hold one too!

Putting that aside, I thought these looked wonderful on the legs. The colour of the nude suited my skin, it was a near-match but when the light hits it, it does work into a natural tan look 🙂

The fit of them were true to size, so I would make sure you check the sizing guide before you buy. The feel of them were super soft and silky, and especially over the heavy designs too. I thought they would irritate the skin, but in fact they were so smooth and I had no issues whatsoever.

The quality I would like to say was really good, but that’s until I ended up with this massive patch at the side of my leg! They have plenty of stretch in them for your size, so you shouldn’t feel these are too tight on the legs in any way.

The design is just stunning, but I have to say that backseam really did test my patience today! I was so annoyed with it; I had to kept pinching and pulling into place so many times, which then moved the back design. I spent most of my day messing with my tights.

I cannot believe the amount of hassle they gave me!


The Toes & Ankle: so the toes I gotta say was weird. I thought the toe cap was be the same shade but darker, whereas I found it was lighter than the rest of the hosiery. So it would make it hard to pair with open toe or peep toe heels. Nonetheless, they did their job well. They gave my toes plenty of wiggle room, no extra material on the ends and there was no pressure added around the toes or feet at any point either.

Around the ankle, it was a lovely soft fitted finish.


The Waistband: very interesting design they have to them I must say. It’s like a thong shape at the top with a garter belt style look sitting on top of it. I thought it was quite creative (you can see a better picture on the model on the packaging)!

The band itself was really nice; it was comfortable, it was hugging me well throughout the day but not too tight or anything. They sat around the belly button on me, which was perfect 🙂


My Thoughts?

Overall I love them and I think they are worth what you pay. But it’s such a bummer that they ripped so badly on the legs! I am just hoping that this is a one-off and not all the pairs are like that!

The other downfall being the bent seams; that was so upsetting and it just made wearing hosiery a hassle in my eyes!

2 thoughts on “Studio Collant Ballerina Dolcie Tights

  1. Great review they look great on your legs for one. Now the look is magnificent very stylish yet fashionable these I would wear myself for sure always in for that different look and these are the ticket. A mini skirt and heels would be a fantastic fashion photo for my photos wearing these.