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Studio Collant Ballerina 388 Stockings

And I am back in Studio Collants once again after spending a bit of time working on tights and holdups! These have been sitting here patiently waiting to be pulled out at the opportune moment, and that moment has now arrived.

It took me a while to figure out what to pair it with as it’s a pretty unusual colour on the legs, but I finally got there in the end and opted for something simple that will show them off nicely!

The Spec

Colour: Black/Nude

Size: S/M

Materials: 82% Polyamide 18% Elastane

Denier: 20/40 den

Price: $21.00



My Outfit

Keeping it simple, I went for my black jumper dress – I love the spikes on this thing! I kept it minimal as I was having one of those ‘dress-down’ days. My hair is blah, so left it down and out just to trial and error it at the moment!

My Deets

Jumper: AX Paris

Stockings: Studio Collant



The Review

From The Website: Ballerina Stockings 388 (Black /Nude) are elegant and fashion stockings with a truly stunning jacquard knit design on the lower part of the leg and a block of skin on the thigh. Requies a garter belt to stay up

ART: 294 Stockings-Require a garter belt to stay up (garter belt in photo for display purpose only)

20/40 Den

Color: Black/Nude

Size: S/M to L/XL (See Size Chart)

Material: 82% Polyamide 18% Elastane


The Packaging: I always find that the packaging is quite dark; it gives off a sultry type of look every time I have reviewed something from this company. At first I used to think it was more bedroom wear than actual daytime wear because of what the models were dressed in. The front shows the model wearing the stockings, and the back gives you the low down to them. There isn’t much of a window to peer through, but when you take out the model picture (this is on a separate cardboard) you will be able to see them clearly through.



Getting Them On: don’t make the same mistake I did and just put them on. I realised when scrunching that these have a faint backseam on them, which is not shown anywhere on the packaging! I was a little stunned but kinda delighted because it’s just this nice little touch to them.


I would also advise being careful with ankles as it did catch mine a few times which really bugged the life outta me!



The Toes: very roomy indeed. There is plenty of space in these, and even after being in them all day, they’re still quite spacious and doesn’t cling onto you or anything. I find that some tights do when your feet get hot etc. I don’t these are reinforced, but to be fair these do seem like a thick denier so it should be ok (to a certain extent!)



The Band: I actually love this band; it reminds me of a Trasparenze one I did a while back. I love it when it’s a thin strap one, which I think looks dead classy and just different to the normal ones you get. I used rubber grips on these, which still held up well the whole day, but I do know that some despise the rubber and prefer metal, which will work good too!



The Design: one thing I do like is how different they are. From the toes right to the thigh, it’s that black/nude colour design (with that hidden backseam trail) and then it works into a lovely glossy sheer at the top and then the black band. I think it’s just really nice and works so well as mock thigh socks in a sense. My jumper left that gap and sat just under the band, so the whole leg is exposed.



My Thoughts?

I think these are right up my street – they’re different, eye catching and certainly one that needs to be shown off. I’m not too sure about the whole creamy nude with the black; I would prefer that to just be sheer parts, but then again it’s not as bad as you think when it’s on the legs.

The quality is pretty decent; prone to snagging I gotta say but they’re still pretty awesome.


5 thoughts on “Studio Collant Ballerina 388 Stockings

  1. What an amazing pair of stockings you returned back from your bday break to share with us. I like the stocking tops being so small and how the skin tone matches yours with just a shimmer diference