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Studio Collant 416 Thigh Highs / Holdups

Damn it has been a while since I have done Studio Collant, but I am glad to be back in them with a stunning pair. I had to think about how to dress these for a while, until it clicked … Let’s do grey on grey on grey for a change. I always do black so it’s nice to actually do a different colour for a change!

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The Spec

Colour: Grey

Size: S/M

 Denier: 20

Materials: 82% Polyamide, 18% Elastane

Price: $21.00

Website: Elegant Up – Studio Collant 416 Thigh High Grey


My Outfit

So that grey bodycon dress is back out – I swear I only pull this out when it’s summer time! I added grey peep toe heels with this and left my hair down. Yep it’s a little OTT for work, but who cares?

These are speaking volumes on my legs right now… And I’m gonna go with the flow!

My Deets

Dress: Republic

Tights: Studio Collant

Shoes: Carvela


The Review

From The Website:

Studio Collants

ART: 416 Thigh Highs (top outfit in photo for display purpose only)

20 Den

Color: Grey/Blue. Also available in Black/Blue

Size: S/M to L/XL (See Size Chart)

Sheer thigh highs with patterns

82% Polyamide 18% Elastane


The Packaging: so the front is all about the model here (by the way that image is on a separate piece of card, so their packaging is a lot more generic. The back only goes no detail about the hosiery whatsoever, along with sizing, hosiery care etc. It only has a simple generic line:

“Everything you want, everything you are looking for, be sure that it happens now…”

You will find these neatly packed and wrapped around cardboard. Not gonna lie I was scared of getting these on – I wasn’t too sure how they would look on the legs… But let’s do it and roll with it!


Getting Them On: okay so make sure you flip the silicone band out, so it doesn’t get stuck whilst you’re rolling up. I did the scrunch and roll of course with my gloves on making sure I take care when rolling over the anklets.

These are super soft so they can catch!


On The Legs: oh my GOSH!! I am loving these… And I am so glad I did grey on grey as well! I mentioned that these are soft when you’re rolling up, and they sure are on the legs as well! I love how they look and feel, and they are lightly scented as well. I don’t know with what fragrance but it’s quite nice!

The denier is just perfect to wear any time of year, and the blue and black squiggles just pops right against it! I am seriously crushing on how these are grey but light enough to be so sheer your skin colour shines right through too; it’s becomes this faint grey tone on the skin!


Another thing I love is that these hardly snag which is amazeballs!

I am loving that design as well; statement and bold but still kept classy. A lot of people stay away from heavy patterns like this, but this is where you flip it and make it your statement and keep everything else dimmed down.

One thing I do like is how stretchy this material is; they hugs the legs so well but they are so elasticy that you can pinch it out. It just means that they’re super comfortable and let the legs breathe too.


The Toes & Ankles: I would like to say that these are reinforced toes as they have a plain denier strip going across them front and back and then the design starts, which means you can get away wearing peep toes like I am! I’m glad the design didn’t start from the toes as it breaks it up a little when it comes to footwear; this worked well in my eyes!

Around the ankles, it’s all good! No crinkles, no slipping down, no nothing. It’s all smooth and good!


The Lace Band: is fab! They hold up so well and have some right sticky-ness to them as well! It’s a lovely pale-ish grey which worked so well with the rest of the hosiery. The lace is just gorgeous and complimented the heavy detail as well; you would think it would be too much but actually, it’s just right!

This is a double silicone band where they are placed at the top of the band; sometimes you get them placed one top and one bottom depending on the depth of them.


My Thoughts?

I love these and so glad I did it in grey and not the black version; I love the way they just created this stunning look on the legs and it worked so well against different shades of grey too!

The denier is fab, the quality is great and if you can, grab a pair!!