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Stop & Stare Black Henna Tights

And I am back in tattoo tights once again. After that massive hit with the custom design, I had the opportunity to do a review on these babies.


If you haven’t seen the custom print review, you really do need to give it a read >> Vik Kainth Designs by Stop & Stare

If you didn’t know already, Stop & Stare are a company who mainly target an audience who love tattoo tights. It’s pretty unique I gotta say, and with the advantage that they do custom designs is what makes them even more amazing!


My Outfit

So I kept it on the dark side today; black bodytop along with my split maxi skirt and then my boots to finish it off. As I am having a greasy hair day, the hair is up in a messy do and very minimal jewellery is on as well.

My Deets:

Top: Independent retailer

Skirt: off eBay

Boots: Forever21

Tights: Via Stop & Stare Co

The Review

Now I will tell you more about the packaging in this one:

One thing I do like about S&S’s wrapping is that not only do they show the model at the front wearing it, but they have so much information about them at the back of it, which helps those who are new to the hosiery world what they are all about:

Sheer 20 denier make-up effect tights with printed design on one leg. With advanced Lycra fibers for perfect elasticity, excellent fit and greater durability.”

They also do mention:

Sheer to Waist

Flat Seams

Comfort Waistband

Sandal Toes

There you go; you pretty much have the tights summed up for you rather than getting in and finding out yourself.


The one thing I do love about these is this tri-fold!!

So you got the front, the back and then (for the newbies) how to get your tights on! I have to admit it really does help because I have seen many of my friends pull up their tights, ladder it and then go “What a cr*p pair of tights?” – Well do you wonder why?!?!


Getting them on is pretty easy I have to say; I was a little rough with them to test how if they would snag or rip, but it was fine the whole time. It was easy this time as they are flat packed, so lining up the design wouldn’t be an issue.


The waistband on these are (once again) amazing! Super soft, super comfortable and no complaints from me! The toes are sandal toes and not reinforced – bummer but they still look good!

So the look of these do change with the lighting (just like the Custom Tights I have done from the a while ago) – in normal lighting it’s quite matte-looking and quite pasty too, but in the light (or when the flash hits) it instantly becomes shiny and then blend in with your legs (so that pasty look goes and becomes sheerer!) – Impressive or what hey?


The only downside I noticed about these is the denier – and how it doesn’t hug bends as well as I would have thought. Around the back of the ankle, I noticed that it does come away and wrinkle. It’s not a bad thing, but I know some people don’t actually like that on normal tights.

Overall Thoughts?

I am loving these; love the design and perfect for summer coming up too and getting those sandals out. I found it different that it started from the foot and not the ankle, but it’s another little twist that I like. The denier is something that I think would work best in Summer when the sun is shining rather than in dull conditions as I feel it didn’t do much for my legs when it’s drab but more when the sun is out!

Thank you Stop & Stare for these amazing nylons!


6 thoughts on “Stop & Stare Black Henna Tights

  1. Oh these are just FAB. The pattern design is just right and not overdone. There is still plenty of uninterrupted luscious denier skin to enjoy… .and wow when the light hits them 🙂
    I think a small coming away and wrinkling in some areas is an acceptable flaw that I actually find quite yummy
    (think I’ve mentioned that before)
    Love `um lots.

    1. Thank you for your lovely comments, Michael – the reason why the fabric is initially coming away at the ankle on the printed leg is because that leg was stretched onto a platen for printing, so the fabric lost some elasticity. This fully recovers after an initial wash and wear 🙂 Glad to hear you love the design!

      1. Hi Stop & Stare..
        I am the Carl who first asked you about selling Stop & Stare blanks…. Your tights are fabulous….

        Stop & Stare legs look better than Bear…. Sorry Bare…..