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Stop & Stare Black Garden Tights

And I was being brave the other day by being back in tights. The weather is slowly getting worse here in the UK!

Now I have to say that my outfit was inspired by an image I had found on Insta. I was looking at fashion pages and came across this amazing colour combo and I HAD to give it a go myself!

The only dilemma was what colour tights to put with this outfit and that’s where I asked you all to help me choose! I had a lot of responses, but these babies came out on top!


My Outfit

So let’s go into the combo – I went for a bright orange bodyvest along with my blue lace midi skirt and teamed up with nude shoes to complete the look. Even though we are heading into winter here, I always love a pop of colour on drab cold days and this worked perfectly.

I know a lot of you will be disappointed that I didn’t got for the black sheer with the back design (relating to Fiore Sonaya here) but they shall be out once again soon.

My Deets:

Bodyvest: New Look

Midi Skirt: Quiz Clothing

Shoes: Lasula Online



The Review

Seeing as I’ve only reviewed S&S once before (Stop & Stare Black Butterfly Tights), I’ll mention what the packaging is like. They show off the full legs at the front  along with the brand and name of the pair. They’re wrapped lovely around a tri-fold cards, which also shows a ‘How To’ guide to put on your tights (this is perfect for newbies or those who struggle with tights).

Instantly you can tell that the quality is lovely when you take them out the packet, and the sheerness is gorgeous. Although I have to say I am not too sure about the colour of the tights as they look a dull creamy colour, but once they are on, they don’t look too bad at all. I love how the colour actually emphasises the black pattern.

So getting them on is not a problem at all. They do feel quite nice and thick so slight tugging won’t be an issue. Over anklets are fine too!!

The band on these are stunning – so thick and nice and around a good inch thick too! The only bad thing is they loosen slightly throughout the day.

The feel of these are great, but the only thing is when you’re working these up from the lower leg to the thighs, it becomes a grainy, rough texture so not too keen there.

The design on these are gorgeous and really does make people stare!!

One bad point on these – no reinforced toes!!! they do have a sandal toe to them (see image below) but not something that sharp or long toes will like!

Being sheer, these will work with a ton of outfits in that wardrobe of yours and would work even better in summer as they do have a slight glisten to them when the light hits it.


Overall opinion? I would recommend these for sure! They’re lovely and a statement piece too! The only thing I would change about them is to make the design sit more at the front of the leg rather than the side/back.


6 thoughts on “Stop & Stare Black Garden Tights

    1. Thank you, Chris! Each pair is hand-printed on a premium Italian base supplied to us by a very famous brand and can last up to 2 weeks of careful wear – hence the price but still, they are much more affordable than many premium factory-produced tights. Please get in touch with us in case of any questions. Stop & Stare team

  1. Super Super love these Creamy Tan tights! Extremely fabulous! Please please more reviews of these type of tights. Please and Thank you!

  2. Thank you for the lovely review once again – if you’d like to wear the design on the front, simply stretch it that way all the way from the toes so it sits on the front. We do it all the time – rotating the designs from front to side, side to back, etc – so you choose how to wear them. Thank you. Stop & Stare team