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Stop And Stare Black Butterfly Tights

As it’s another gorgeous day today, I decided to pull out one of my new purchases from UKTights Online > The Stop and Stare Black Butterfly (Tattoo) Tights.

I’ve never heard of this make so I assume they must be quite new into the tights world, so I thought I would give them a go!

I just love how unique their style is – never really been a fan of tattoo tights but these are just adorable and they have such cute ones for sale.


So let me get cracking:-

  • Packaging: I am dead impressed. They came wrapped so well showing the design at the front and a small description at the back. I can say that the design shown is true as well. I love the way they were wrapped inside, as you have to take them out the plastic packaging and then unwrap it to find your tights wrapped against the card with a little tutorial on how to get your tights on so you don’t end up snagging or spoiling them. very impressive I must say.
  • So off the cardboard: They are really soft and silky and the waistband looks really nice too – nothing special but a nice 3cm tight band at the top just adds icing onto the cake here!
  • You do have to be careful getting these on so I wold recommend the scrunch and roll with these just so you don’t ruin the design. I nearly snagged them getting them up with my nails so just be careful here.
  • The design sits in place perfectly – I didn’t have to pinch and pull into place. I just let them be and they just sit perfectly.
  • They don’t move or fall slightly throughout the day either no matter if it’s bodycon or flowy, so you know running won’t be an issue!
  • They do hug your legs really nicely too – no little gaps behind the knees or around the ankles with these – WINNER!
  • These are 20 denier tights and they do feel like they are too. They have a lovely sheer to them in the sunlight rather than in dim light. In dim light it does make your legs look a lot whiter than normal (on me they do) but in the sunlight they have a lovely subtle gloss on them.
  • These would work perfectly with a lot of outfits due to how silky they are – my skirt is a proper bodycon and it just glides against them. I cannot tell you how gorgeous they feel until you get a pair and feel it for yourself.


The only blah points I would make:

  • The butterflies aren’t as rich as they look when you first go to buy them. they are pretty dull and do look quite grainy so just keep that in mind if you go to purchase them. Then again I suppose they are supposed to be like that to give it that ‘tattoo effect’.
  • They also don’t have reinforced toes but do have a sandal toe so it’s not too bad I suppose.


So why did I pick this outfit to go with them? Well basically I wanted them to be a statement piece and as my blue lace skirt is new as well, I thought they would make a lovely combo for the summer. I paired with a plain white cami top as I want the bottom of me to be the focal point. You might notice that I was wearing a beaded necklace, however I took that off and left it as a bare neck for work as I thought it was a little too much and it didn’t go. I was going to opt for white court shoes, but as I am out and about with work today, the best option was my stone boots to make it neutral.

You can always team up with a lovely coloured dress and heels or with a jumper, shorts and trainers for a more casual look. It all depends on if you want them to blend in with the outfit or make it a statement piece.


Would I recommend these? Oh yes damn right I would. They are such a unique pair that I haven’t come across before and I have to say I do love their collection, so expect to see more of these being reviewed in the future!


My deets for today:

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Cobalt Blue Lace Skirt – Quiz Clothing

Tights – Stop and Stare via UK Tights

Boots – New Look


2 thoughts on “Stop And Stare Black Butterfly Tights

  1. Super love these tsheer tan tights! Great design, and very summer like. Pls more of the sheer tan, preferably suntan, tights. Great job!