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Steven Wool Chunky Knitted Knee High Socks (Part 2)

Well I was surely mistaken by calling them over knee socks – they actually were over the knee for me (being a shorty!) so for everyone else who is taller than 5ft 4″, these will be knee high for you!

Okay so this is the second part of my blog focusing on the over knee knee high socks seeing as I got these ages ago and finally had the chance to wear them over the weekend. I have to admit they probably weren’t the best choice seeing as it hit 25 degrees that day I decided to wear them, but ah well it made my legs looks slightly shorter and less out-there as some may say. The skirt is pretty short (basically a mini) so I had to make sure I wasn’t looking too bold by showing off way more than I should!

The Spec

Colour: Beige with Taupe

Size: UK 5-7 / Euro 38-40

Price: $9.95

Website: Wool Chunky Knitted Patterned Knee-High Socks by Steven



The Review

Seeing as it’s a first for me to review the Steven brand, I shall write as much as I can for you about them!

Let me begin by using some info from the Dress My Legs website:

“Toe: reinforced
Heel: shaped and reinforced
Finish: matte
Brand: Steven
Fabric Content: 68% acrylic, 29% wool, 2% polyamide, 1% elastane”

“With a high wool content, these soft and cosy knee-highs in a trendy chunky knit will keep your toes super toasty, whether you decide to stay indoors or venture out into the cold. With shaped heel, reinforced toes and super comfy top band, it’s a must-have accessory this season!
Available in the most wearable colours to match any outfit.”

The Packaging: is very basic on them (being socks) – it has the brand name at the front, and at the back:

Woollen socks produced of the highest quality materials.” – in various languages of course!



Getting Them On: are super easy. I had them with shiny sheers as my base, but I have to admit I think I should have gone for a more matte finish with these. You can either pull up or scrunch and roll, but either way they’re thick enough to withstand small snags.



The Toes: are so amazing and the fact that they are reinforced makes my day. I didn’t actually realise that you could get socks like that, and I HAVE A PAIR!!!!!!! They’re thick, your feet are super comfortable and they’re soft and warm too! I know a lot of you are thinking “Why the hell is she wearing socks in summer?” – I like to just wear whatever if I am honest, I don’t like to depend on the weather to dictate what I wear!



Up The Leg: is just a lovely subtle cable pattern – well I say cable and it could be something completely different! I love the work on there and it actually withstood the lip of my trainers fluffing it up. I have to admit it did catch a bit, but not as bad!



The Feel: is super soft and really snug. Perfect for winter no doubt, but also quite nice when you have cool summer days too! It’s really nice to touch and the best part is the colour! I love how they will work with so much being neutral. I was tempted to get black or grey (the other colours) but I am so glad I got this instead.



The Band: now let me tell you about this. So I mentioned over knee before – well they are on me as you can see above, but they also go fall down! As I was walking, these started slipping horridly down my legs all because I had super glossy tights on underneath it had nothing to grip onto to stay up. I have to admit they fell just under the knee and stayed put, but I always find knee high makes me look shorter than I am so I try to avoid that! If you’re going to do these, bear in mind that they do fall into place, so matte finish tights would work a dream or a semi-matte if you’re not a big fan!



Overall Thoughts?

They are worth it. Not badly priced and certainly comfortable to be in. I love the band (even though it kept falling down), I love the design and I certainly love the colour. I think these are worth it and I would recommend to those who are after a decent pair of knee-high or over-knee socks!!


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