Soni’s DIY Project

Now this isn’t a review but another little DIY project I decided to run with instead. So I wanted to try out something different, and seeing as Winter literally is coming up soon (well in my eyes it starts getting colder from September time) so I thought it would be awesome to create a little ankle boot cuff thing for shoes.

Now please just remember I haven’t got some sort of degree in arts and crafts, so this was an attempt of making a vision.

I have also made a small video clip, which you can check out on Instagram or my YouTube Channel:

Soni Panda Channel – Soni’s DIY Project


The Prototype

How The Idea Came About: so I got some inspiration from a few designs I have seen in the past that I haven’t come across before. I thought it would be great to try and put a spin on it and make it ‘my own’.


What I Used: so I used Ostrich feathers in white which were around 10cm-15cm long in length. I now wish I had used smaller ones to get a proper fluffy band across the ankles, but never mind.

I was also going to use elastic, but then decided against that and thought it would be best to stick them straight onto the tights.

I used Gabriella Classic Exclusive T-Band Tights (I had a spare pair to play with) and also some craft glue.

Oh and some cling film as well!


Processes: I thought if I am gluing straight onto the tights, I need to have some sort of base on the legs so that it stick well. I used cling film (as I couldn’t think of anything else to use) and wrapped a small sheet around the calves and then popped my tights on top.

I first off used a little white marker to jot dots where my placement will be with the feathers. This changed so many times, as you can imaging these don’t stay put on the legs unless you secure them in place.

I finally managed to dot out a rough design and then went for it. It was messy, but then again it always is when you’re new to this kind of thing! I created a 5 feathered band around the leg, with a lot of gapping in-between it all.

My thought was to create some gapping, and then create a 2nd layer on top. But then after getting some ideas from my mum, I then decided to just create layers within the band I created. Now you can guess how hard this was gonna be as I couldn’t create an overlap now that I had glued 5 down already. So I had to try my best to weave them in the best I could without getting feathers glued together and stuck.

I gotta tell you this is hard work – I have no patience at all so this was super frustrating when it wasn’t going the way I wanted it to.

I managed to do it as best as I could, without it looking too weird. I suppose it’s not bad for a 1st attempt at something. At least I now know that I will need to overlap and maybe use a mix of medium and large feathers in the future to create some texture with layers.

Oh with the cling film, I had to roll down my tights and then cut around the feathers as best I could so you won’t be able to see it through the tights too much. Obviously, that wasn’t the case as I saw in some images that you can see it slightly!


On The Legs: now on the legs, they don’t look too bad teamed up with my white court shoes, but I will say these are quite hard to move around. I wanted to try some lace up sandals and tuck the lace part under the feathers – there was no way that was happening without being quite rough with the feathers.

This is what I mean when I say that this is a prototype as I certainly know what to do when I try this design again – making sure that the feathers are softer, more flexible so they can be paired with different footwear.

Taking these off is such a mission. First I had to get my fingers under the clingfilm and pull it away from the legs, and then I had to pinch the toe seams and slowly pull then down along with pushing the feathers at the same time. This was not easy and I had to make sure that I don’t end up ripping the tights in the process!



My Thoughts?

I’m glad I gave it a go. Even though it frustrated the heck out of me, I still enjoyed it regardless. Yes it could have been so much better if I had really planned it out, but I was too excited to try it out and see what it would be like. I know for next time…

2 thoughts on “Soni’s DIY Project

  1. Hi Soni ,your legs and feet in these sheer nudes are gorgeous,the feathers are nit my cup of tea.Have s lovely evening gorgeous😉

    Greetz Andre😘