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Sofsy Lace Sheer Thigh High Holdups

Could we say hello to this new brand on the blog? A lovely follower gifted me a few pairs from Amazon and I am super excited to try them out. I have never heard of this brand before, and I am aware that only Amazon stock it!

I did want to give you more information about this brand and their background, but I can’t seem to find any information on them – SORRY!

The Spec

Colour: Grey

Size: 1-2 / X-Small-Small

Denier: 15


Price: £13.99

Website: Amazon – sofsy Lace Sheer Thigh-High Stockings/Pantyhose w/Hold-Up Silicone – 15 or 20 Denier [Made in Italy]

My Outfit

As these are a super light grey, I thought I would go black and grey tones with my outfit. I normally wouldn’t but I felt like experimenting a little. I paired a black boydcon top with my pencil skirt and added my light grey patent court shoes to finish off the look. You could also pair some suede black court shoes instead.

My Deets

Top: H&M

Skirt: H&M

Holdups: Sofsy

Heels: Dorothy Perkins



The Review

From The Website: Please ensure you have selected the correct denier (15 Denier or 20 Denier)

Don’t you hate it when you put on a brand-new pair of stockings – and they instantly ladder or tear? Or start to sag after just one wear? Once you try sofsy Thigh-High Stockings, you’ll never go back! These premium over the knee thigh-high tights are made of SILKY, 20 DENIER nylon that has a semi-sheer, sexy look. At the same time, our stockings are SUPREMELY DURABLE and resist runs, snags and also have a sheer invisibly reinforced toe. They’re MANUFACTURED IN ITALY, known for its high-quality hosiery. Compared with other 20 denier sheers, ours stay looking smooth and gorgeous wear after wear thanks to higher quality materials and our special manufacturing process. The stretchy nylon provides a FEEL-GOOD FIT while also retaining its shape (won’t sag!). Plus, unlike other thigh-highs that cut into your skin, our 10cm LACE TOP DOUBLE SILICONE BAND IS SOFT AND COMFORTABLE yet maintains its tension, stickiness, grip and elasticity over time.

sofsy double silicone top Thigh-High Stockings are designed to be worn with or without one of our suspender belts (not included) to create a sexy, timeless lingerie ensemble. Wear with work clothing, under evening wear, on your wedding day, or on their own! AVAILABLE IN X-SMALL, SMALL, MEDIUM, LARGE, X-LARGE and XX-LARGE. We pride ourselves on our accurate sizing. SEE THE SIZING CHART for help choosing the perfect fit panty hose.

Italian-Made Quality: Our exotic lingerie deep wide lace (10cm) double silicone top thigh-high stocking are manufactured in Italy, known for its high-quality hosiery. Pair with a garter belt or suspender belt (not included) for an ultra-sexy look.
“Stay Up,” Comfortable Design: Silky, stretchy nylon fabric provides a comfortable fit (like a second skin!). Yet these holdup pantyhose nylon retain their shape and won’t sag after repeated wears.

Durable, No-Run Nylon Hose: Our 15 Denier and 20 denier hosiery is Sheer, strong and durable. You’ll feel the superior texture as soon as you take these out of the package! Pair with Thigh High Boots!
Soft, Non-Irritating Thigh Hem: Lace silicon band top won’t cut into your skin like inferior thigh-high stockings. Enjoy all-day comfort. Top retains its tension & elasticity after repeated washings.


The Packaging: well I have to say I haven’t seen packaging like this before, unless it’s on a Miss O brand. It’s pretty much straight to the point with these with the model wearing a pair of holdups in black on the front and the back has very minimal detail about the pair inside.

When you get in, you will find these folded so you get the foot and subtle leg shaping to it.


Getting Them On: these are pretty delicate so I would recommend hosiery gloves to get them on. I didn’t use them as I am so used to getting on holdups with ease. They were fine going past the anklets and up the legs as long as the anklets aren’t sharp or can catch easily.



On The Legs: let me start off with the colour. Even though these are grey, they so shade differently depending on the lighting. Some of the day it shaded a light grey (which is expected) and other times they were so translucent it didn’t look like I was wearing any. There were also times where they didn’t do any justice for my legs at all and made them look quite pale and ill-looking. I’m telling you sheer grey can be a tough one depending on your skin colour. I thought it worked better when my legs were in the sunlight rather than in a darker room.

The quality of these are amazing. I had no issues with snagging or rips whilst I was in them, and they were fabulous on the legs. They had plenty of stretch in them for my leg length and width and I can see these lasting as long as they are looked after properly.

The fit of them are true to size, and I would make sure you check out the sizing guide before you purchase them, or if you’re unsure then just opt for one size up rather than taking the risk. It helps that they are duo sizing 🙂

The feel of them are super soft and really smooth on the legs (both inside and out) and for the price you pay, these are not bad at all. I quite enjoyed being in my pair!


The Toes & Ankle: I don’t think the toes on these are reinforced, which is a shame as they are so delicate and could easily rip if you don’t take care being in them. You do have a ultra thin sandal toe, which allows you to wear open toe shoes or sandals with these. There is plenty of wiggle room and no pressure is added either during my wear for the day.

They are a lovely fit around the whole foot, including the ankle where you won’t find any wrinkles.


The Bands: are so pretty and a lovely darker shade of grey so they really do stand out. It has a subtle floral pattern to them with a small reinforced band sitting underneath. These have 2 thin silicone strips at the top of the band to help keep these up, and that they certainly do.

I didn’t have any issues with the band coming away from my skin at all, and they do have some grip to them, especially when you keep removing them from the legs every so often to test them out.




My Thoughts?

I gotta say I was nicely surprised with this brand, and I would certainly recommend them for sure. I have another pair coming up soon, so I am hoping they will be just as good!

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  1. Well hello Soni,Queen of sexy legs.You are looking awesome in these beautiful stay ups👌🏻
    I did liked your todays review very much,enjoy your Friday and I wish you a sexy weekend gorgeous 👣😉

    Greetz Andre😘