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Sofsy Fishnet Thigh High Hold Ups

And we are heading back into a pair of Sofsy hosiery again; this time being a pair of fishnet holdups. I gotta say I am quite looking forward to this pair, seeing as the last were pretty good!

Once again these beauts were gifted by an amazeball follower for me to blog the heck out of!

The Spec

Colour: Natural

Size: 1-2 / X-Small-Small

Denier: Unknown

Materials: 88% polyamide, 12% elastane

Price: £11.99

Website: Amazon – sofsy Fishnet Thigh High Hold Up Stockings Silicone Lace Top Nylon Net Lingerie Hosiery [Made In Italy]

My Outfit

I decided to keep it quite casual by pairing up a electric blue flowy dress paired with my grey open toe shoe boots.

My Deets

Dress: H&M

Holdups: Sofsy

Booties: off Amazon



The Review

From The Website: Don’t you hate it when you put on a brand-new pair of stockings – and they instantly ladder or tear? Or start to sag after just one wear? Once you try sofsy Fish Net Thigh-High Stockings, you’ll never go back! These premium thigh-highs are made of SILKY, Fishnet nylon that has a sheer, sexy look. At the same time, our stockings are SUPREMELY DURABLE and resist runs and snags. They’re MANUFACTURED IN ITALY, known for its high-quality hosiery. Compared with other netted thigh-highs, ours stay looking smooth and gorgeous wear after wear thanks to higher quality materials and our special manufacturing process. The stretchy nylon provides a FEEL-GOOD FIT while also retaining its shape (won’t sag!). Plus, unlike other thigh-highs that cut into your skin, our LACE TOP (7cm) DOUBLE SILICONE BAND IS SOFT AND COMFORTABLE yet maintains its tension, stickiness and elasticity over time.

sofsy double silicone lace top Thigh-High Fishnet Stockings are designed to be worn with or without one of our suspender belts (not included) to create a sexy, timeless lingerie ensemble. Wear them to work, under evening wear, on your wedding day, or on their own! AVAILABLE IN SMALL, MEDIUM, LARGE and X-LARGE. We pride ourselves on our accurate sizing. SEE THE SIZING CHART for help choosing the perfect fit.

Italian-Made Quality: Our exotic lingerie lace (7cm) double silicone top thigh high Fish Net stockings are manufactured in Italy, known for its high-quality hosiery. Pair with a garter or suspender belt (not included) for an ultra-sexy look.
“Stay Up,” Comfortable Design: Silky, stretchy nylon fabric provides a comfortable fit (like a second skin!). Yet these pantyhose retain their shape and won’t sag after repeated wears.
Durable, No-Run Nylon: Our Fishnet hosiery is sheer, strong and durable. You’ll feel the superior texture as soon as you take these out of the package!
Soft, Non-Irritating Thigh Hem: Lace banded top won’t cut into your skin like inferior thigh-high stockings. Enjoy all-day comfort. Top retains its tension & elasticity after repeated washings.
The sofsy Promise – 100% Money-Back Guarantee: If these aren’t the best ladies’ thigh highs you’ve ever worn, simply let us know. We’ll issue a prompt replacement or refund, no questions asked.


The Packaging: as you can see below, this is practically the same as my previous pair I have reviewed with the model wearing the pair in black on the front and a little detail at the back. These come wrapped around card and in their own packaging.


Getting Them On: now this seems super weird but I had 2 different band lengths to these (I will explain further down the blog) so I had to try and line them up the best I could. I took care going over my anklets and rolling them up the legs.

These are pretty easy to get on, so you shouldn’t have any issues.



On The Legs: well from far, it doesn’t even look like netted tights really. These remind me of dance tights, where they are such a fine net you can hardly tell util you look up close. I thought the colour worked really well against my skin; it slightly lightened it up but it was done in a natural way rather than it looking like some cheap done job.

The quality of these are great; they have plenty of stretch to them around the legs (see 2nd row 1st pic) so you get a real nice fitted finish on the legs with very minimal gapping to them. These are quite hard to rip, but I suppose could catch easily if you’re not careful.

The fit of them are true to size and it helps with them being a duo size, so you have that extra leeway in the pair. I would always check the sizing guide before purchasing!

The feel of them are semi-soft, and I mean they can be slightly rough to touch as well. It’s the finishing on them that has it feeling a little grainy but not bad that it itches your skin whilst wearing them.


The Toes & Ankle: so the toes aren’t reinforced, but as it’s a micro net pair you should be ok in terms of long or sharp nails. I would still take care either way, but it’s not too bad.

My toes have plenty of wiggle room in them and there is no pressure added during the day either. The same can be said around the feet too.

Around the ankles, there are no issues either. Just this lovely fitted finish around the anklets 🙂


The Bands: so let me say that these bands are the weirdest I have come across; never have I ever seen a pair of bands that are not the same size when you get them on the legs. Honestly… One was thicker than the other slightly and it looked so odd! Trying to sit them evenly looked super strange!

These have a thin double silicone layer at the top, which do have some good grip to them. The bands stay in place all day and don’t feel like they are being tugged down at all, so you’re safe to wear them however long you wanna!

The lace band is cute, but I’m not really feeling the colour of them. If they were a lighter beige, then they would have worked but I’m not liking the darker colour if I am honest.



My Thoughts?

Well I suppose these are pretty decent, apart from the bands being different lengths! The quality of them are decent enough, and they will last as long as you take care of them. The fit and feel of them are great, and I would recommend for sure 🙂

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