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Sock Snob Black Star Tights

I so had to get myself a pair of star tights seeing as that is a design that I do not own and I see it all over the place! I decided not to go from a brand that I know and find one that most people would shop for when they’re working to a budget.

Not everyone can afford top brands like Wolford or Trasparenze, so looking for a cheaper alternative isn’t a bad thing. To be fair, when I first got into my whole tights game I used to always order them from China. They used to cost something like 99p – £5.00 GBP – I didn’t want to spend a fortune all the time so for those of you who do that, I don’t blame you whatsoever!! Don’t get me wrong, some of them looked like shit and I refused to even open as they weren’t as described but you can come across pairs that actually look alright and last quite well.

I got this pair from Amazon if you want to check them out > Sock Snob Black Star Designer Tights One size 8-14 uk, 36-42 eur


The Review

Now this is more about the tights than the outfit this time around; I like to mix it up from time to time (going back to how I used to review!) so I’m just going to get stuck in!

The Packaging: I have to say very basic and I mean basic. It states another name ‘Mysasi London’ and hardly has any type of description at the back apart from the materials used to create them. No mention of denier, reinforced toes, cotton gusset etc only the generic sizing. The stuff you normally expect to see on packaging. So it leaves me feeling intrigued to get inside.


We then hit cardboard city: This is another one of my worst nightmares – cardboard! Now I can deal with a small piece inside, but this is 3/4 of the actual tights themselves, so I’m annoyed! And what is the other worst nightmare with tights? SNAGS! As soon as I unwrapped the small cardboard around the tights, I come to find it’s snags everywhere!



I am seriously screwing over this! I mean I have never come across a crap pair like this in my life. I haven’t even got them on and all I find is snags all over the place along with the design bleeding out and a few random bobbles here and there.


What the hell have I bought?!?!

Whilst we are on the subject of crap tights, let me show you what else I found:

  • A weird material run which angles itself up the legs (I’ve had these on a pair of Wolford’s before)
  • Small snag holes which I certainly did not create
  • Weird white patchy marks on the thigh – nope it’s not off the mirror either I checked but I wanted to show you the whole thigh shot of it


The feel of them: I’m really trying not to slate the hell out of these, but I just seem to find that they’re going downhill fast. The feel of them are not smooth at all; it feels grainy and even when rubbing my hands on them, I got another snag all of a sudden am I’m not wearing any rings or anything that would catch the tights. You can feel the stars pop up on these which means you’re talking 20-25 denier base and 60-70 denier  stars on the top.


However what I do like about these is that the stars are different sizes on the legs, which means if you do have chubby legs the design doesn’t stretch dramatically like it would with others. They vary between small to large, so if there are areas (like my thighs) that are slightly bigger, then it doesn’t look ‘OMG look at that stretch

The waistband: So this isn’t a waistband that you would expect on a pair of nylons – they sit way over the belly button and could potentially reach under your boobs (that’s if you’re mega small!). I found it does roll down a tad and the gusset doesn’t sit flush against you when you’re in them all day. I found myself having to keep pulling them up time to time and unrolling the top of the band for a more comfortable fit. Don’t get me wrong it’s a nice thick band which I thought would hold all day, but that wasn’t the case.


The Toes: Now this is one part that I won’t complain about as it’s the one part that hasn’t given me any bad things to talk about. It’s fully reinforced and my nails haven’t gone through them! They’re a more thicker denier (as you can see) so maybe wouldn’t work with peep toes or sandals (unless that’s your style) but apart from that I’m so glad that they are there! There is hope for this pair yet!


Overall Thoughts?

Honestly? I don’t think I would recommend these based on the quality of them. I do love the concept of how they look, but the fact that they had tons of snags and small holes before I even took them out of the packaging is just unreal. Even if they are the cheapest brand ever, I would still expect them not to be sent out like that! I’ve had 50p ones from China that are of more decent quality.

Sorry Sock Snob, but these are truly a bad pair! I hope the quality improves over time!!


2 thoughts on “Sock Snob Black Star Tights

  1. Oh heck! I must admit when I first saw your pic of these on IG I thought you’d gotten yourself some Calzedonia’s.
    Hate it when the quality sucks and even more so when they are damaged before they are out of the packet 😤.
    I love my Calz’s, but they are expensive 😩

  2. Great looking tights don’t have these one’s but do have similar one’s. They are Pretty Polly Henry Holland metallic star tights in silver glitter stars and the blue glitter stars might want to check them out.