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SiSi Be Free 40 Hipster Tights

I have been a busy with new brands lately – it’s always exciting when you come across a name you haven’t heard of before or have heard in passing but never tried.

So this is one that I found at TKMaxx and to be honest, I got them as they were so cheap and I have found that they can be damn great if you can get yourself to buy them rather than brands which are known worldwide but can turn out to my cr*p sometimes.

About SiSi

Sisi believe in quality and in elegance, Sisi believe in passion and to feel amazing: care for detail, refined look and femininity are in its soul.

Sisi represents the history of tights in Italy. Since 1925 it has been the protagonist of the female world.

Sisi is the brand that means quality and style in the fashion world, it is the absolute glamour brand of ladies hosiery and tights. Sisi has been able to export its style all over the world with vast distribution in Europe, Russia and Middle East.
The Sisi woman is young but with clear ideas about style. She is determined and sure, she is always cool and trendy.
Sisi is irresistibly original, progressive and sensual, and always presents new ideas. Sisi tights are not only accessories, but a must for all women who pay attention to fashion trends and love fine details.
There are two lines of stockings and tights, suitable for any occasion:

SISI CLASSIC lines, high in quality and crafted with special comfort yarns making them very comfortable for any occasion.
SISI MODA lines , rich in colour and design for a modern look, funny and sexy including a range of knee and ankle-highs.

A long tradition of quality is down to innovation, taking into consideration the needs of different types of consumers.
Sisi aims to give a complete look with different lines from outwear to leggings, underwear to beachwear are all sitting next to tights in the stores GOLDEN POINT. Sisi collections have plenty of styles that match quality with originality.
In 2014 SISI launched the line Touch Effect, the new seamless tights that combine high quality of Lycra 3D yarns with seamless technology. Beauty and comfort for the legs. Once again SISI is changing the concept of leg beauty.

– taken from their website

The Spec

Colour: Nero / Black

Size: 2 / Small

Denier: 40

Materials: 86% polyamide, 14% elastane

Price: £1.99


My Outfit

Seeing as we had a work party(like) thing, I decided to dress up a tad more than usual and join in on the fun.

Now this outfit was inspo from Google, so I thank the woman wearing something similar and letting me put my twist on it. I really didn’t want to pair black with it and try to avoid white, and experiment with different colours.

So I went with my dark grey tank top along with my waterfall blazer and added darker denier tights and my black court shoes to finish the look.

This worked well for the office, but you can always add glitzy shoes or do your hair and add make-up to make it night-out worthy.

I added a coloured necklace and left my hair down and messy – wanted to keep it simple everywhere else and let the waist down do the talking for me.

My Deets

Tank Top: H&M

Blazer: Jennyfer

Skirt: H&M

Tights: SISI

Shoes: Soletrader

Necklace: Dorothy Perkins


The Review

The Packaging: so it’s different to what you normally see, but nothing that unique. The model wearing the hosiery showing the the fact that they’re hipster tights along with the make of the tights and little info – “opaque hipster tights” – in various languages.

The back them goes into a little more detail at the top and then the sizing guide (which you may need to look at if the size isn’t stated anywhere else):

“Microfibre sheer-through tights, with extremely comfortable low-waist band, comfort seams and hygienic gusset.”


Getting Inside: unravelling it all out (and this is a tri-fold package by the way, you find a card dedicated to different styles by SiSi, and at the bottom, you find a cute little how-to guide on getting your hosiery on. Unfortunately it’s in another language, so I’ll just show you the image instead:

The tights are flat packed and half the leg size, which means you will get a good fit on the legs with how much it will stretch and shape out.


On The Legs: so after your roll them up, these fit and feel great. They hug the legs so well and to adjust, you need to shuffle them back down to adjust and pop back up again, which I prefer rather than pinching and pulling. The feel so soft and slightly silky I would day; not too much as they have a matte finish so I wouldn’t expect them to glisten away.


In daylight, this is pretty dark and to be honest, you do get that ombre look to them, going from darker denier to lighter (this depends on how chunky your thighs are), but I kinda like this to be honest rather than a block look. with 40 deniers, I would say don’t expect total block coverage on the legs; you will get some sheerness in them unless you go one size up so it doesn’t stretch over the legs (I would advise you get ones that fit you properly here by the way!)


In the night / flash on, they SHINEEEEE!!! But not a eye-killing shine though unfortunately. They do have a lovely subtle one where it’s enough to be honest. I love the way it does that from matte day to a jazzy night!



The Toes: so the toes I would like to think that they are reinforced but I highly doubt they are. They are comfortable, enough wiggle room and no rips or snags from being in them all day either. They don’t have any extra materials surrounding them either and you won’t find any pressure around the toes wearing these, so you’re all good in this area!



The Waistband: now the waistband is pretty awesome; it’s pretty much a hipster but slightly higher. The band itself is quite thick to be able to hold these up well all day, and they are so comfortable. I haven’t done hipster before, so for the first time in them, I really like it and actually perfect to wear with skirts or shorts that sit lower so you don’t get your band peeking over.


The gusset is a cotton one; I’ll call this normal meaning it’s the patch you get in the middle that isn’t silky or feels weird or looks all funky like. It’s just your basic that you get in most hosiery.



The Denier, Look & Feel: I have never had a pair of cheap tights that are actually decent like these are. They have not snagged at all throughout the day, the denier is one that changes in lighting (can seem brighter in the day and darker at night) and they are so awesome.


I love the way they give your legs enough coverage but not going too dark either, so for those ladies (and men) who want something sheer to hide stubble or hair, then these are a pair to go for as they give you exactly that!


They look great on the legs and they’re super soft and smooth too. They just do their job well, and the fact that they are hipster means that you can wear them with almost anything so it’s a win win really!



My Thoughts?

I love these – simple as that! They’re great quality for the price you pay and they do their job well. No snagging, no falling down, no other bits that would normally p*ss me off; these are just great. I love the smoothness of them and how they just work so well on their own or if you layer them up.

Either way, don’t knock the brand (or this pair even) – totally gonna try more styles out in this range!


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