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Now these babies were supposed to be reviewed for my birthday, but as it didn’t go to plan I thought I would review them by layering them up for Autumn/Winter styles. Fishnets can be hard to wear for work, but I wanted to try and create an outfit which makes it (near enough) acceptable to wear in the colder months!

The Spec

Colour: Black

Size: One Size

Materials: Nylon 88% Spandex 12%

Price: £3.29

Website: Amazon – SIMPLY JOSHIMO Womens Fencenet Black Net Tights/Extra Wide Netted Pantyhose

My Outfit

Now this isn’t an outfit I would normally do, but I really wanted to do nets with florals, so I just went for it. I did some layering to make it more appropriate for work rather than just nets and heels.

My Deets

Dress: Lipsy

Base Tights: H&M

Fishnet Tights: Joshimo

Heels: Dune



The Review

The Packaging: as you can see below, the packaging is super basic. There is not much to it, not showing the brand or anything so technically, these could be from anywhere. And this is why I am not fan of getting hosiery from China as you never know what it’s gonna be like!

One leg has card inserted into it and folded, like the images below show, so make sure you take care getting this out without catching the tights. The card is quite rough around the edges, so I had to slowly pull it out.


Getting Them On: these were pretty easy to get onto the legs as I already had a pair on underneath so my feet and legs slid right into them. Normally I would get caught up in the netting and also have to adjust my anklets etc. before I can set them in place.



On The Legs: well I gotta say they look so nice layered up rather than on bare legs for a change. I love doing nets however really, but as it’s getting cooler, it makes a nice change to see them paired up with something else.

The quality of them are fine; I had no issues being in them throughout the day and they are pretty durable. I tugged at them a few times to check if they would catch and rip easily, but I can say that these withstood my tugs so I’m impressed 🙂

The fit of them are one size, so the netting size will depend on your leg and waist size. What I mean by this is that it may widen more if you’re a larger size or sit how it does on me for smaller sizes. It has a fair bit of stretch to them so you will be able to easily fit XS-L sizes in these.

One thing I did like was that there was no gapping around the ankles or under the knees like you do get with some nets. This shows you how much stretch these actually have to them.

The feel of them are smooth and not as rough as you might think. They aren’t the type that would itch or irritate the legs if they were worn on their own (believe me when I say that some cheaper nets can do that), but I had none of that anyways as I had a base layer with mine.


The Toes & Ankle: I do apologise as I wore a pair with reinforced toes underneath (and are visible) so you can just make out the reinforced netting on top. Now this is quite a large section, to the point it works further down the toes and you can see it peer out of my court shoes. Normally they just about cover your toes at the top and are quite slim, but this time the reinforcement is quite large. I suppose they are catering for all foot types here.

Around the feet, they are comfortable and fit really well. They gave me no issues, and the toes had plenty of wiggle room to them as well.

Around the ankles, these sit flush against the skin without any wrinkling.


The Waistband: from the images below, you can see that the bad is super thin and sits around the waist (well belly button for me). It does dig in to begin with, but it works with your waist after you start moving in them.

It’s an ok band; nothing to really shout about but it does the job which is the main thing.



My Thoughts?

Not a bad pair of nets to be honest, and I would recommend them for sure. I have had worse ones, but for what you pay these aren’t  that bad at all and could easily last a few wears if you look after them right.

2 thoughts on “SIMPLY JOSHIMO Fishnet Tights

  1. Hello Soni,nice review you did for the fishnets lovers,I’m more into sheers as you may know gorgeous.Thanks anyway and enjoy your weekend Soni😉

    Greetz Andre😘