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Silky Sparkle Fishnet Holdups

I just can’t seem to get away from fishnets at the moment. It has got to be one of the most sexiest hosiery out there right now (well after stockings of course)! I got these a while back and finally had the chance to get them on to review!


The Outfit

So I went with the easy option this time around; black on black, but I went with clubbing / party attire instead. I thought to myself I always end up doing it for work or on the weekend, and seeing as I don’t ever have time to paint the town red, why not do it as a review instead?


So I opted for a long black top along with my quilted skater skirt which covers the top of the holdups and added open toe sandals into the mix. Yes I went there! I did what most women don’t seem to do, and I have to say I liked the look – especially when you have a popping toe-nail colour.


The Review

The packaging is pretty bold and eye-catching to some extent, however I found that there is a lot going on so you don’t really know where to look if you know what I mean. There wasn’t a lot of info given about the holdups at the back either – just the materials that have been used.

The best part is the back has a massive window which shows you the micronets, so you know exactly what the product is like.

Inside the packaging: Now this is the crucial point for me – is the cardboard inside or covered? And what I found was the cardboard inside the holdups. Now I can see why it was as, but it drives me up the wall as they have a tendency to catch onto nylons (and yes this can include fishnets and micronets if the cardboard is quite rough).



Rolling on: Another little point to be made here – the silicone bands. So one legs was folded perfectly (as you expect to find holdups) however the other leg decided to have the silicone bands folded into one another resulting in me having to pull them apart! It took me ages to do as the hold was pretty strong, but it’s just unnecessary hassle!


Now the best part about these holdups (as they are spandex) you can pull them as high as you like without it affecting the netting. Sometimes you can tell when it’s been pulled much more than it should be, but with this it doesn’t look odd!  The band on these is great to start off with (when they’re not folded into one another) but they do lose their stick quite quickly. After a few times of taking them off and on, the hold isn’t that great.


Around the toes: Now I am not too sure how I feel about the toe area, and I think the word to sum it up would be crowded. The stitching is very bulky around here and I felt it was best to put it under my toes rather than lining up against the toenails like I normally do. The plus side is how stretchy the material is which means more wiggle room!


Up close up and personal: I absolutely love how these look when you zoom into them. The subtle glitter all over does set the nets off nicely, so your legs are instantly in party mode! The only downsides I found was they were super ITCHY when they are on. I could not stop scratching my legs! Also I found that with these being a generic size, they don’t seem to bend into any curves of the legs. I found it’s just excess material!


Hey there good looking: My oh my! My legs instantly look 1000x better when I got these on. There is something about micronets that just emphasise the legs beautifully. They have some power to make the legs look fantastic. The great thing about these is that they’re perfect for parties, clubbing, and if you’re daring – WEDDINGS!


Overall Thoughts?

I have to say I do like these and especially how they make my legs just look stunning. But I am still bummed out about the itchiness you get from it (I even took them off, creamed my legs, put them back on and it was still the same) and the silicone band was a flop too. Perfect for first time wear and you’re not taking them off constantly but in the long run – I think you may need to invest in some body glue!

Thanks Silky but I don’t think you made the cut this time.


One thought on “Silky Sparkle Fishnet Holdups

  1. It’s always such a shame that as a wearer, certain brands sometimes don’t quite meet your full approval, but, I can promise you, from my perspective, as a spectator, they always hit the spot 🙂
    Without fail.