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Silca Ambra Tights

Can we welcome a new brand to the blog – Silca! I have never heard of this brand before, until the company got in touch with me to do a little collaboration! You know me… I love to try new brands so I am super hyped to get started on these for you all! I do have a few different styles and colours to get through for you, and this is the first of many to come 🙂

Now I couldn’t find anything on their main website about the brand, so I had to get the background information from elsewhere for you all!

About Silca

“Silca company was established in 1954 as a stocking manufacturer at first. Over the time they transformed and renovated technology of old world production into high tech manufacturer of todays hosiery. Their focus on the quality of goods labeled Silca has paid of and over the time they grew into a well-known in Europe company. As other modern hosiery manufacturer Silca uses lycra widely in their production. The company has received all standard quality certifications and produced fashionable and elegant hosiery that become more and more popular not only in Europe but all over the world.”

– taken from Hosieree

The Spec

Colour: Blu

Size: Small

Denier: 15

Materials: 90% polyamide, 10% elastane

Price: €3.69

Website: Silca – Amber tights

The Review

From The Website: Smooth veiled top with bodice


The Packaging: as you can see is pretty simple, with the model wearing the pair on the front and the back goes into a little more detail. When you get in, you will find them wrapped around plain card, flat folded so you get no foot or leg shaping.


Getting Them On: I did my usual scrunch and roll to get them on, taking care going over the feet and anklets before rolling up the legs. They had enough stretch in them to make sure you get even coverage on the legs before setting in place.



On The Legs: so the colour navy is right up my street. I paired with a navy dress and white peep toe shoes to really set it all off, and I am so glad I did. The pairing looked incredible and it was a winner for sure! One thing I love about navy is that you can wear it in the office instead of black to add a little colour to your outfit without breaking boundaries.

The quality of these are amazing; they didn’t snag or rip at all and they have served me so well today. They hugged the legs really well so there was no gapping at all either.

The fit of them were spot on and were perfect for my leg length and height. I would make sure you check out the sizing guide before you purchase just in case. These do have a nice amount of stretch to them, but you don’t want any wrinkles around the ankles unnecessarily.

The feel of them were so soft and smooth on the legs, as you can tell. They looked amazing and that was also reflected in the way they felt too.

You will see some images below where I added flash so you can see how they shine. These are a semi-matte pair, but they have some serious hidden shine to them, which I adore!


The Toes & Ankle: now I have to say these are so comfortable and that sheer reinforced toes are to die for! They look so classy – I mean I don’t even know how they do, but they just do!

The toes have plenty of wiggle room in them and there is no pressure added during the day either. Around the feet and ankles, it’s a lovely fitted finish with no wrinkles in sight.



The Waistband: is pretty slim but does the job. It sits around the belly button on me, and stays put until you move it. It doesn’t really roll over itself but does crease in from time to time as you can see below.

It has a nice amount of elasticity in it so it continues to hug the waist without losing it every time you tug at it.

I forgot to mention before that these have reinforced boxer briefs to them, which starts from the band and ends at the top thigh. I normally don’t mind them but it’s something to keep in mind if it does bother you.



My Thoughts?

I gotta say I have fallen in love with this brand already, and I cannot wait to try out the other pairs I have. These are great quality, they are a pair that can work for any occasion and they fit so well too!