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Silca Frida Tights

Another pair of Silca tights make its way onto the blog today, and we are working with 40 denier. I thought it would be nice to do a little thicker in denier as the weather is a little topsy turvy.

The Spec

Colour: Black

Size: Small

Denier: 40

Materials: 86% polyamide, 14% elastane

Price: €6.50

Website: Silca – Tights Frida 40

My Outfit

I wanted to go all black this time, purely because I haven’t done it for so long and I have a new pair of booties I wanted to wear too. I wore my black jumper tucked into my feather skirt and added my suede ankle boots. I added colour with my yellow jacket.

My Deets

Jumper: Gap

Skirt: H&M

Tights: Silca

Boots: New Look

Jacket: Zara (shown in Instagram Post)



The Review

From The Website: Tights 40 den. light compression. Very elegant, smooth lycra sweater with lace effect bodice.

A restful and at the same time very elegant article.


The Packaging: shows the model on the front wearing the tights, along with the brand and model name. I have to admit the tights looks darker on the packaging than they do on the legs, but I will get into that later.

The back of the packaging goes into a little more detail, including the sizing guide and hosiery care guide.

When you get in, you will find them wrapped around card and folded so you get the foot and leg shaping to it.


Getting Them On: I took my time to roll these up the legs today, as I had a slightly chipped nail and didn’t want it being caught. They glided right up the legs without any issues, including over the anklets.



On The Legs: I used a mix of flash and natural lighting so you can see the difference in shading. I have to say these are quite light for 40 denier; I expected them to look a little darker in appearance. I mean this isn’t a bad thing, but if you was after the darker shading, I would recommend going another size up so you have the stretch to do so.

The fit of these are true to size and you get a lovely amount of stretch to them as well, which means it hugs the legs well and there is no gapping happening anywhere.

The feel of them are so silky smooth and really lovely to touch. I love how they look super smooth on the legs too; that is something you don’t get all the time with 40 deniers as they tend to look thicker and darker once they’re on the legs.

The quality of them are amazing; I haven’t snagged these at all and they have been doing so well ever since I got them on this morning. I have spent most of my day on my feet as well, bumping into people and not once did I end up with a snag or rip on them.


The Toes & Ankle: as you can see it’s super sheer from the toe seam to the ankles. These aren’t reinforced, which means you will need to be aware of long or sharp nails so they don’t end up making holes. I love how light they look here, and if you’re wearing a popping nail colour like I am, this gets to shine through too!

These are also ideal for open toe sandals and shoes, if you wish to show off your toes.

Around the feet and ankle, it’s a lovely fitted finish.



The Waistband: has this gorgeous panty design to them. This is on the front and back of the tights, and has a palm-sized gusset sitting in the middle of it all if you wish to go commando.

On the waist, these hold up very well and have a lovely amount of stretch to them, so these won’t be slipping down anytime soon. They hug the waist very well. I did find that it slightly bumps over itself (2nd image below) but it isn’t too bad as it didn’t roll over itself fully or make a bulge you would be able to see under clothing.



My Thoughts?

I really like this pair. They look great for 40 deniers; you get the thickness even though it looks sheerer than what you expect. I thought the quality was amazing, they felt amazing on the legs and I would recommend these for sure.

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